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Calendar Mine 2.0 (build 401)
Calendar Mine is the only calendar that you need, providing accurate date information starting in 1583 up until year 2500. It is a perpetual, theme based, multicultural, personal desktop calendar...
Download Calendar Mine 2.0 (build 401)More info about Calendar Mine 2.0 (build 401)
HTML Calendar Maker Pro Thumbnail
HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8.7
Ever wanted a web page calendar for your personal or professional web site? Try out HTML Calendar Maker Pro, which makes monthly web page calendars a snap! It even includes color schemes or you can...
Download HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8.7More info about HTML Calendar Maker Pro 3.8.7
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QwikAlarm 1.03
Never miss important appointments again while working at the computer. QwikAlarm helps you keep track of time when you are busy. Quick and easy and best of all, free. The computer timer, alarm...
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AcreSoft Calendar 2006 2
Simple calendar. Write in birthdays, to-dos etc on any day. Print any month. This year photos are included for printed calendars. Includes a multi-year perpetual calendar. A clock that shows the...
Download AcreSoft Calendar 2006 2More info about AcreSoft Calendar 2006 2
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Ovulation Calendar Pro 1.2
A handy program that calculates the time of ovulation and creates your personal fertility calendar, allowing you to increase your chances to get pregnant, avoid an unwanted pregnancy, or choose the...
Download Ovulation Calendar Pro 1.2More info about Ovulation Calendar Pro 1.2
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Quick Calendar 1.00
Quick Calendar displays the day of the month in your system tray. It's a very handy way to quickly know the date without having to move your mouse - the PC equivalent to having a date display on...
Download Quick Calendar 1.00More info about Quick Calendar 1.00
Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees Thumbnail
Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees 3.7
Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each person is assigned to a category, location and time each day for a week and then assigned to daily tasks in 30 minute increments. Creates vCalendar...
Download Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees 3.7More info about Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees 3.7
World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar Thumbnail
World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 1.5
World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar offers a smart game schedule for the upcoming World Cup Tournament. It automatically calculates the standing of each team from the score entered by you. Use it...
Download World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 1.5More info about World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 1.5
LBE Calendar Deduplicator for MS Outlook Thumbnail
LBE Calendar Deduplicator for MS Outlook 3.1.1
Automatically delete duplicate Calendar items from MS Outlook. Move them to your Deleted folder or another of your choice. Prefix duplicates with a phrase of your choice.
Download LBE Calendar Deduplicator for MS Outlook 3.1.1More info about LBE Calendar Deduplicator for MS Outlook 3.1.1
JX Ovulation Calendar Thumbnail
JX Ovulation Calendar 2.3.263
JX Ovulation Calendar is an easy to use ovulation calculator for women. The program calculates your fertile days and considers your menstrual cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid...
Download JX Ovulation Calendar 2.3.263More info about JX Ovulation Calendar 2.3.263
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HotShift Calendar 3.2.9
A calendar for fire fighters or workers on a rotating shift schedule. Handles 24-hour shifts or 2 shifts per day and Up to four platoons. Prints up to 20 shifts per page. Makes 4 styles of web...
Download HotShift Calendar 3.2.9More info about HotShift Calendar 3.2.9
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MultiCalendar 2.40
Manage Appointment / Event Calendar and Task Print Day View, Workday View, Week View, Month View calendar and task Edit Appointment / Event and Task Organize resources Schedule Appointment...
Download MultiCalendar 2.40More info about MultiCalendar 2.40
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ShareContacts 2.21.0079
Share and synchronize your MS Outlook Contacts Folder with your co-workers and friends without a server. You and your teammates will be able to create, update and edit contacts in the shared folders.
Download ShareContacts 2.21.0079More info about ShareContacts 2.21.0079
Calendar and Day Planner (USA Edition) Thumbnail
Calendar and Day Planner (USA Edition)
Calendar and Day Planner will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more. Make appointments and set up alarms to remind you of upcoming events, meetings, parties, vacations,...
Download Calendar and Day Planner (USA Edition) info about Calendar and Day Planner (USA Edition)
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Batch Launcher 1.1.4
Batch Launcher allows launching/autoloading several applications by one click. The applications that you wish to launch get united in a batch - just drag and drop needed shortcuts to the...
Download Batch Launcher 1.1.4More info about Batch Launcher 1.1.4
AceFixtures for EURO 2008 Thumbnail
AceFixtures for EURO 2008 1.2
AceFixtures for EURO-2008 is a calendar designed specially for football fans. It allows updating of the tables by entering new data and automatically evaluates the stands and the main stats for all...
Download AceFixtures for EURO 2008 1.2More info about AceFixtures for EURO 2008 1.2
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TrayOS 0.3.10
TrayOS is the perfect solution for those who frequently use Google's applications and want to have quick and easy access to them. Using this program gives you similar features to using ChromeOS,...
Download TrayOS 0.3.10More info about TrayOS 0.3.10 Thumbnail
OctopusCity is the only free downloadable contact manager with a synced up free online account. OctopusCity's business networking tools bring your address book to life. Its powerful calendar and...
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ToDo95 Thumbnail
ToDo95 4.32
Four separate modes of operation including "To Do List", "Appointments", "Log", and "Calendar" modes.Graphically displays scheduled ToDo's or Appointments on a monthly calendar right on the days...
Download ToDo95 4.32More info about ToDo95 4.32
TrayDay Thumbnail
TrayDay 7.03
TrayDay: today's date at a glance, in the Windows tray, with handy popup calendar. Can show week numbers to ISO (or your own) standard. A double-click types the date in the format of your choice....
Download TrayDay 7.03More info about TrayDay 7.03

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