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Home Photo Calendar 2.0
Home Photo Calendar Maker is one of the best calendar maker applications. Support international calendars including Gregorien, Hijri and Hebrew Calendars and includes pre-configured calendar packs.
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Astice Calendar Thumbnail
Astice Calendar 1.2
Astice Calendar is a simple calendar and diary, suitable for team-work. Several users can view and edit the same calendar at the same time. Reccuring appointments, like anniversaries or regular...
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Calendar Wizard 3.0.1
Calendar making software to create your own calendars in minutes, with interactive preview and user-friendly interface. A lot of supported plug-ins: CorelDRAW, Excel,JPEG,BMP,PDF,HTML,TXT.
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DateTray Thumbnail
DateTray 1.01
DateTray is designed to show todays date and calendar in your system tray. By clicking on the date in the system tray it will display a calendar on your screen and allow you to search forwards...
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UsingIT PHP Web Calendar 1.0
UsingIT PHP Web Calendar is a PHP web application used to maintain a calendar for a single user or an intranet group of users. It can also be configured as an event calendar. It supports multi-user...
Download UsingIT PHP Web Calendar 1.0More info about UsingIT PHP Web Calendar 1.0
Calendar Commander Thumbnail
Calendar Commander 2.14
Calendar Commander is a calendar printing program for Windows. Customize and print any of the many ready-to-use calendars included or design your own from scratch using the built-in editor. Include...
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Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar Thumbnail
Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar 2.0
MicroCalendar is an reference calendar (i.e. not for recording appointments, but rather for quickly looking up dates). Use it to easily check calendar dates without messing up your computer's...
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Alert Calendar Thumbnail
Alert Calendar 1
When Alert Calendar is run, a small icon will blink in the system tray (right in Windows Taskbar) and will remind you whenever that date comes. Alert Calendar is a freeware (free of charge)...
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TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant Thumbnail
TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant 1.61
"TFC Gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any application. By including a Month calendar control, a Year calendar control and it...
Download TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant 1.61More info about TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant 1.61
CoffeeCup Web Calendar Thumbnail
CoffeeCup Web Calendar 5.0
With Web Calendar, creating a comprehensive calendar of events for your website is a pleasure. It's as easy as jotting a note in your personal planner, and as helpful for your visitors as...
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AMI Calendar Wizard Thumbnail
AMI Calendar Wizard 2.0a.09
AMI Calendar Wizard builds personalized, printable calendars. Use your own pictures, design elements, fonts, colors and special days. Easy to use and quick to learn, you'll be creating your own...
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OutlookExport 1.15
OutlookExport allows users to easily export calendar events, contacts and email items to various formats for use in other applications. Standard Features include: Supports Outlook 2000/XP/2003 Bulk...
Download OutlookExport 1.15More info about OutlookExport 1.15
Screen Calendar Thumbnail
Screen Calendar 7.5
Desktop calendar planner that allows to schedule directly from Windows desktop. Fully customizable desktop calendar integrates in desktop background. Screen Calendar can auto-switch desktop...
Download Screen Calendar 7.5More info about Screen Calendar 7.5
WinDates Thumbnail
WinDates 5.1
Discover the world of Internet calendar sharing with this date organizer and reminder that features the ability to subscribe to and publish calendars in the standard iCalendar format. Calendars...
Download WinDates 5.1More info about WinDates 5.1
Monkeymen Calendar Thumbnail
Monkeymen Calendar 3.1
Customize this intuitive Desktop Calendar Reminder Software with your own photos and virtual stickers. Plan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Never forget birthdays or appointments. Includes a...
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Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar Thumbnail
Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar 2.0.06
Customize your own Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar that gives you the best times for growing bigger and more vigorous flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables from seed or plants.
Download Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar 2.0.06More info about Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar 2.0.06
JavaScript Calendar Builder Thumbnail
JavaScript Calendar Builder 1.1
JavaScript-producing design tool for creating calendar on web pages. The calendar script can be customized highly and easily. With this easy-to-use script authoring tool, you can make a...
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Calendar Builder Thumbnail
Calendar Builder 3.46
Use Calendar Builder to quickly and easily make your own custom calendars. Supports recurring birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Add borders, banners, graphics, and icons Save your calendar...
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CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar Thumbnail
CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar 3.2.1
CodeThatCalendar enables you easily add the visual way to select the date/time picker to your form or page. The following positions and features are supported by the Calendar script: + You...
Download CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar 3.2.1More info about CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar 3.2.1
Promo Screen Calendar Thumbnail
Promo Screen Calendar 2.0
Promo Screen Calendar software for creating an active calendar with your company's logo, info and images as desktop wallpapers of your clients. It can be a power marketing tool for promotion of...
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