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Backup Engine 8.1
It is a powerful backup software, which takes backup on schedule as well as on real time. It is very handy and easy to use software. Schedule Backup :: In Schedule backup option it...
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RBackup Remote Backup Thumbnail
RBackup Remote Backup 9.40
RBackup Remote Backup is the most widely-used software for commercial Remote Backup Services since 1987. Backs up all files including Open Files, Exchange & SQL Server, more. Fully brandable...
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Backup4all 3.11
Highly configurable backup program with intuitive interface. Performs full, incremental, differential & mirror backups. Has file filters, scheduler, writes to CD/DVD, FTP backup, file versioning,...
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Simpli-File Backup Thumbnail
Simpli-File Backup 1.4.3
Need to backup your files or schedule backups to occur in intervals? With this program you can create Local or FTP backups, schedule them to occur at intervals of your choice, restore them or just...
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Lomsel Backup Thumbnail
Lomsel Backup 1.20
Lomsel Backup helps you to protect all important data on your computer. Easy usage of this program means that even beginners can backup. Lomsel Backup works with Windows scheduler with a built-in...
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CascadePoint Thumbnail
CascadePoint 2.10
CascadePoint is a real-time backup and archiving program. Every time you open a document to edit or save changes to a document, it creates a copy of the original document in an archive....
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Snap Backup Thumbnail
Snap Backup 4.4
Snap backup makes it easy to frequently backup and archive your valuable data. The first time you run Snap Backup, you configure where your data files reside and where to create backup files. You...
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Backup Platinum Thumbnail
Backup Platinum 4.0
This program makes a reserve copy of your critical data to hard or USB drives, CD, DVD and Blu Ray media, FTP server or LAN. 128-bit encryption and multichoice ZIP compression on the fly are...
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Zip Backup to CD Thumbnail
Zip Backup to CD 3.18
Zip Backup to CD distributes the files to be backed up in several stand alone Zip files of a size fitting a standard CD (CD-R) or a size chosen by the user and writes it to CD/DVD. Build in...
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NovaNET Network Backup Thumbnail
NovaNET Network Backup 11
Comprehensive tape and disk network backup software for Windows, Linux and NetWare servers. Windows 2000/2003/SBS with XP/Vista client support, remote management, SQL, disaster recovery, Exchange,...
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Ferro Backup System Thumbnail
Ferro Backup System 3.1
Professional, network backup system intended for small offices and large corporations and institutions alike. It allows you to protect data stored at desktops, laptops and network file servers...
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Excel Backup File Auto Save Software Thumbnail
Excel Backup File Auto Save Software 7.0
Automatically save all open MS Excel files to a separate backup file at specified intervals. Backups can be set to occur every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Excel 2000 or higher required.
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Genie Backup Manager Thumbnail
Genie Backup Manager 5.0
Genie Backup Manager is a very easy to use yet powerful and flexible software that can backup and restore files, documents, emails, settings, programs and more to virtually any local or remote device
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AutoZIP Backup Thumbnail
AutoZIP Backup 1.0
AutoZIP Backup is professional software that lets you automate the backup of your precious files to a ZIP archive. 27 pre-defined file sets including Outlook Mail, IE Favorites, and Palm...
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BackTrak Thumbnail
BackTrak 1.6.10
BackTrak is designed for an automatic backup of your critical data to work with removable media like Zip, USB, JAZ, CD-RW and mapped network connections. Just install it, select data, set backup...
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OverCAD Tabs Thumbnail
OverCAD Tabs 1.00
OverCAD Tabs is a dockable tab based toolbar for managing open AutoCAD documents. 01.Open recent files quickly 02.New template files quickly 03.Auto replace font. First, select a font from...
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NovaBACKUP Thumbnail
NovaBACKUP 8.0
NovaBACKUP, a PC World Best Buy for August 2006, is a reliable and cost-effective data protection software solution for home and small business users. Protect critical information 24 hours a day, 7...
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DMT SQL Quick Backup Thumbnail
DMT SQL Quick Backup 3.0
DMT SQL Quick Backup is a backup and restore tools for Microsoft SQL Server. It's user-friendly interface and multiple databases batch operation, Enable you backup and restore data to the different...
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BackTrakPro Thumbnail
BackTrakPro 2.0.1
BackTrakPro is designed for an automatic backup of your critical data to work with removable media like Zip, USB, JAZ, CD-RW and mapped network connections. Just install the product, select the...
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Recovery for Backup Thumbnail
Recovery for Backup 1.8.0822
Recovery for Backup is a powerful data recovery software for damaged Microsoft Backup files (.BKF). Recovers folder structure and files. Supports multi-volumed archives. Supports Backup for Windows...
Download Recovery for Backup 1.8.0822More info about Recovery for Backup 1.8.0822

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