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Photoupz Thumbnail
Photoupz 1.61
Photoupz is a cool new app for improving your photos. Magically remove objects from photos, erase wrinkles and blemishes and get rid of tourists from your holiday images using our powerful image...
Download Photoupz 1.61More info about Photoupz 1.61
Inpaint Thumbnail
Inpaint 2.3
Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Inpaint may be used unwanted objects from your photos. Delete any unwanted object from your photo, such as...
Download Inpaint 2.3More info about Inpaint 2.3
BloodEyeRemove Thumbnail
BloodEyeRemove 1.5
Blood Eye Remove is the simpliest way to almost automatically remove red eyes from photos. Watch the result in real time, and after you are satisfied with it hit button Apply. Simple & efficient...
Download BloodEyeRemove 1.5More info about BloodEyeRemove 1.5
Awesome Deep Space Screen Saver Thumbnail
Awesome Deep Space Screen Saver 1.0
A screen saver with beautiful images of deep space objects by the Hubble Telescope. All photos are 800x600 high-quality images (1024x768 avail). This 5-photo version is free, the Gold Edition has...
Download Awesome Deep Space Screen Saver 1.0More info about Awesome Deep Space Screen Saver 1.0
DuplicateCure Thumbnail
DuplicateCure 2011.1.17
DuplicateCure is a better, easier and faster way for you to completely search and remove any unwanted duplicate files that Windows can't find and remove. With DuplicateCure, you can easily and...
Download DuplicateCure 2011.1.17More info about DuplicateCure 2011.1.17
Photo-Colorizer Thumbnail
Photo-Colorizer 1.5
With Photo-Colorizer you can give your black/white photos realistic colors! You only have to choose the colors for the objects on the photo. There are predefined color settings for skin, sky,...
Download Photo-Colorizer 1.5More info about Photo-Colorizer 1.5
Photo Image Inpainter Thumbnail
Photo Image Inpainter 1.00
Photo Image Inpainter allows you to delete wires, posts, antennas and other unwanted objects from your photos on both smooth and textured backgrounds. Using this program, you can retouch images to...
Download Photo Image Inpainter 1.00More info about Photo Image Inpainter 1.00
Red Eye Pilot Thumbnail
Red Eye Pilot 3.6
Remove red eyes from your photos with just a couple of clicks. The program can be installed as standalone and a plug-in as well.
Download Red Eye Pilot 3.6More info about Red Eye Pilot 3.6
PhotoSorter Thumbnail
PhotoSorter 6.38
Sort Photos easily with PhotoSorter. With this Photo Sorter all your photos will be sorted, photos will be organized and renamed automatically. More info and Free Download at -...
Download PhotoSorter 6.38More info about PhotoSorter 6.38
PhotoAcute Studio Thumbnail
PhotoAcute Studio 2.51
PhotoAcute Studio processes sets of digital photos taken in "continuous mode" to produce high-resolution and low-noise pictures, corrects brightness and chromatic aberrations. You will get an...
Download PhotoAcute Studio 2.51More info about PhotoAcute Studio 2.51
PhotoStory 2005 - Organize Your Photos Thumbnail
PhotoStory 2005 - Organize Your Photos 2005
PhotoStory 2005 is a digital photography organizer that allows you to organize your photos, sort them, classify and describe them using full formatted text and OLE objects, filter them by date and...
Download PhotoStory 2005 - Organize Your Photos 2005More info about PhotoStory 2005 - Organize Your Photos 2005
StereoMeter Thumbnail
StereoMeter 3.3
Triaxes StereoMeter is used to calculate the optimum stereo base for making stereo photos. It is very convenient for photographers, taking a sequence of frames for stereo and 3D lenticular images.
Download StereoMeter 3.3More info about StereoMeter 3.3
Business Contacts Thumbnail
Business Contacts 2.0
Business Contacts is a powerful address book containing best and new address book’s features. It will allow you to keep your contacts neatly and find information you need easily.
Download Business Contacts 2.0More info about Business Contacts 2.0
STOIK RedEye Autofix Thumbnail
STOIK RedEye Autofix 3.0
Program automatically detects and corrects 'red eye' in digital photos. You can even process photos without opening them - simply select one or multiple photos on your computer or camera,...
Download STOIK RedEye Autofix 3.0More info about STOIK RedEye Autofix 3.0
Red Eye Pilot for Mac Thumbnail
Red Eye Pilot for Mac 1.60
Remove red eyes from your photos with just a couple of clicks. You can adjust the pupil area and brightness, and preview the results real-time. The program keeps structure of the pupil.
Download Red Eye Pilot for Mac 1.60More info about Red Eye Pilot for Mac 1.60
Hide Hellion Eye Thumbnail
Hide Hellion Eye 1.3
Application that can remove "red-eye" effect from your photos in batch mode. Using the advanced science technology and heuristic algorithms hhEye is able to detect the human face on the image and...
Download Hide Hellion Eye 1.3More info about Hide Hellion Eye 1.3
Image Mender Thumbnail
Image Mender 1.2
Image Mender allows you to remove any lines or blemishes on your images and helps you to remove any marks, logos or other undesirable elements. You need to highlight the part of the image you would...
Download Image Mender 1.2More info about Image Mender 1.2
PhotoMeister Thumbnail
PhotoMeister 2.6
Helps you to handle, edit and publish photos from your digital camera. All functions that you need to manage your photos and to impress your family, friends or customers with your photos are...
Download PhotoMeister 2.6More info about PhotoMeister 2.6
My Photos Screen Saver Thumbnail
My Photos Screen Saver 1.2
My Photos Screen Saver displays photos from your collection in the slideshow mode with added impact of many visual effects and settings. Simply add your photos on My Photos Screen Saver's settings...
Download My Photos Screen Saver 1.2More info about My Photos Screen Saver 1.2
Jpeg Enhancer Thumbnail
Jpeg Enhancer 1.8
An advanced application that lets you remove JPEG artifacts and blotchy look from JPEG images, making them look as if saved with a 100% (super-fine) quality. Based on advanced science-intensive...
Download Jpeg Enhancer 1.8More info about Jpeg Enhancer 1.8

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