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WS:Compress Out is a member of Websetters family of Microsoft Office Add-Ins. This Add-In extends the functionality of Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002.

Every time you send an email that contains attachments, WS:Compress Out will automatically compress the attachment and resave in the mail item. This reduces the amount of storage used by you in your Outlook storage, reduces the time online and network bandwidth used, reduces the amount of storage used by your recipients - all saving you money.

o Reduce cost every time you send attachments....
o Reduce the time online for dial-up connections
o Reduce the amount of storage for Sent Items
o Reduce the network bandwidth used for corporate systems
o Reduce the amount of storage used by your recipients
o Your Outlook file store is smaller so reduce administration time taken to backup
o No changes to your normal use of Outlook
o Configure exclusion list to suppress compression of certain file types; e.g zip, cab files etc.
o Configure to exclude files of a given file size
o Apply a comment to the compressed attachment
o Apply password to protect compressed attachments
o Store multiple attachments in a mail item in one or individual Zip files (configurable option)
o Integrates directly into Outlook and configuration accessed from the Tools/Options menu
o Available as a FREE 28 day pilot
o (version 1.4 coming summer 2004 - available FREE for existing licence owners)
o Utility to open received zipped attachments and automatically display in application associated with file extension (if multiple files exist in zipped file, dialogue to allow file selections is displayed first). All valid WS:Compress Out licence owners will also be able to distribute this utility FREE to recipients of compressed files sent by WS:Compress Out.
o WS:Compress In: Addin to manage compression of existing attachments, saving the amoount of disk storage used for Outlook mail items.

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