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Sort Photos - fast ? Salvation is easy – You need Sort Photos. This full-automatic image manager will sort photos, organize pictures, sort images, sort photographs with any content and dimensions. So, you see - All picture collection will be in ideal order with such powerful Photo Sorter. Sort photos by date, organize photos by time, rename photos by dimensions (sort pictures by width and by photo height) - Photo sorting is easy as never. With such high-grade photo sorting software as Sort Photos all your picture collection will be automatically sorted - even if your photo collection has a huge size.

Key features:
~ Sort photos (automatically)
(with full-automatic photo sorter)
~ Sort photos easily
(with user-friendly photo sorter wizards)
~ Sort photos directly as you prefer
(sort photos by modification date, sort pictures by last changing time, sort photos by their dimensions – for example, by width and height and even sort photographies by photo content - all possible photo sorting is possible with Sort Photos)
~ Sort photos on any workstation
(sort photos on your desktop computer and mobile PC with any operating system)
~ Sort photos at any location
(on any computer hard drives, CD / DVD disks, flash memory devices and photo collections)
~ Sort photos with high quality
(while photography sorting are used all types of photo file tags, including EXIF, IPTC, TIFF, etc.)

Sort Photos - is a full-automatic photo sorter, image renamer and photography organizer for every computer. This excellent photo sorting tool will sort all your photo collection – fast and easy. Just download image sorter and all your photos will be sorted, organized exactly as you prefer.

Sort Photos automatically - image sorting never was easier. You may get More info about photo sorter and free Sort Photos download at

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