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Staff Scheduling Made Easy.
Rotamatic can save you valuable time and effort each week. Managers and personel staff have a hard enough time already without the complicated task of creating the weekly staff rota. Rotamatic makes this task a breeze - simply drag employee icons onto the shifts and click print and, hey presto, a beautifully clear rota is created.
Do you have to make amemdments to your staff rota ? Is it covered with tippex by the end of the week ? Rotamatic solves this problem easily - make the changes in the program and simply print out another copy.
Would you like each employee to have a copy of the rota ? Make sure all your staff know when they're supposed to be working by printing out a copy of the rota for them. You can set the program to print out just the parts of the rota that apply to a particular employee.
Do you need a record of who worked when ? With Rotamatic you can browse to past dates and check past rotas to see when employees were scheduled to work.
Rotamatic Is Easy To Use.
Setting up Rotamatic couldn't be easier. Simply enter the details for your employees and the job roles that your workplace has. Creating shifts for your weekly rota is a breeze - click a button to add a shift and then drag using the mouse to set the start and end times for the shift. Shifts can be cut, copied and pasted to make life even easier. Filling the shifts involves dragging an employee from the left hand side over on top of a shift. Rotamatic is colour coded so that identification of the available staff for particular shifts is automatic.

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