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IcyScreen is an automatic screenshot taker.

It can take screenshots -- "snapshots" of your computer screen, also known as screen captures -- as often as you'd like, and not only save them to disk, but also...

- E-mail each screenshot to an unlimited number of recipients, including yourself
- Upload each screenshot to your web server, via FTP
- Upload each screenshot to the free ImageShack hosting service

Increase productivity and make life easier by using it to:

- Keep track of how time is being spent on the computer
- Monitor the usage habits of your employees or children
- Share information with your customers, co-workers, and friends
- Document intensive tasks and your daily activities

It's easy to use, but still powerful:

- Customize nearly every single aspect of the screenshot: the filename, dimensions, format, quality, timestamp...
- Enable audible/visual warnings, so you know when a screenshot is about to be taken
- Choose which monitors you want to include in each screenshot, and even extract and/or resize certain sections of each monitor
- Configure it to take a screenshot whenever the Print Screen key is pressed
- Configure it to hide itself, protect functionality with a password, not take screenshots when you're not using the computer...

... and much, much more.

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