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Captain Tray Pro is a simple and effective tool for windows management under Windows OS.

Easy and intuitive windows management
Moving windows to system tray
Hiding windows
Password protection
Changing icon and window captions
Window ‘alarm clock’
System Tray icon animation feature (like in ICQ)
Windows groups work
Automatic placing of application to system tray
Automatic hiding of windows
Operating with windows not having control buttons (minimize, minimize to tray)
Working with all window types: GUI, CONSOLE (FAR), DOS (Norton Commander)
3 working modes : system tray, hidden, fly window
Hot keys feature
Upgrading to any local language

The program allows you to easily minimize active windows to the system tray, taskbar or
hideboard. Working with Captain Tray Pro is similar to working with file managers. The
program's interface was specially designed to let its user manage the contents of the
desktop with the same ease as he manages the contents of his computer's disks.

Many users need several applications running simultaneously. Some of those applications
are used quite frequently, others - only when they are needed. So, the Windows taskbar can
once get fully packed - everything seems to be necessary, and you have no desire to close
any programs. Some applications can be minimized to the system tray (the area by the clock
in the bottom right corner of the screen), but what shall we do about 'Notepad',
'Calculator', 'Microsoft Word', 'Microsoft Excel', and other our favorite programs?
Captain Tray Pro is right there to help you.

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