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ASTSS.exe 2.6.4 Get is recognized as the leading provider of technical analysis stock software. Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software catches stock trend change signal in the very early stage and alerts stock buy sell signal when stock trend is changing. This software is built on's famous
4T stock trading strategy, i.e. WAIT, HUNT, SHOT and PROFIT. It is one of the best stock trend change and buy sell signal stock software.

In the stock market, it is all about TREND! TREND!! TREND!!! Trend is our good friend, so never be a hero to fight against stock trend. The stock trend change can't finish in a couple of days, but once it is formed, we have to respect it. Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software catches trend change signal in the very early stage when the stock trend is changing. There are two type stock trend change signals in Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software, i.e.

Red Triangle - The trend is changed from up to down
Green Triangle - The trend is changed from down to up

Amazing stock software, stock chart, stock quote, stock technical analysis, stock trend, buy sell signal software! After Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software alerts stock trend change signals, it will suggest buy sell signals if the stock software considers the stock trend is tradeable. There are two type of stock buy sell signals, i.e.

Red Circle - The sellers are overwhelming - Sell
Green Circle - The buyers are overwhelming - Buy

Once the stock trend is determined, now you know when to buy or sell stocks accurately. Just follow the signals, here is's famous 4T stock trading strategy:

WAIT - when the stock trend is down (after red triangle or red circle emerges)
HUNT - when the stock trend is changed from down to up (after green triangle emerges)
SHOT - when the buyers are overwhelming (buy after green circle emerges)
PROFIT - whenever you are happy after you buy

Improve your profit with the help of Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software!

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