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Teklora Music Sorter Thumbnail
Teklora Music Sorter 4.96
Music Sorter: Sort Music with automatic Music Sorter Software. This music sorter, user-friendly music sorter program and music sorter software will sort music and sort music files. Sort Music -...
Download Teklora Music Sorter 4.96More info about Teklora Music Sorter 4.96
MP3Sorter Thumbnail
MP3Sorter 5.86
Sort MP3 Music easily? Then you need MP3 Sorter. This full-automatic MP3 sorter will sort and organize all your MP3 music - fast and exactly as you want. MP3 sorter is full-automatic ~ MP3 sorter...
Download MP3Sorter 5.86More info about MP3Sorter 5.86
Dual Audio CD Manager Thumbnail
Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0
Dual Audio CD Manager lets you organize your music collection; it supports music in various formats (CD, LP, MiniDisc, MP3, etc).
Download Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0More info about Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0
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Vivaldi Scan 2003
Simply the best Optical Music Recognition. You can cleaning up score, correcting any errors, and adding text and fingering. Your scanned sheet music is now alive, and can be colored, edited, and...
Download Vivaldi Scan 2003More info about Vivaldi Scan 2003
Ape2CD Thumbnail
Ape2CD 4.5.2
Ape2CD is an APE music CD image (APE + CUE) file burner which can burn a music CD from an APE music CD image (APE + CUE) file. APE music CD image (APE + CUE) is a compress digital music file...
Download Ape2CD 4.5.2More info about Ape2CD 4.5.2
Auto Music Composer Light Thumbnail
Auto Music Composer Light 1.0
Auto Music Composer Light makes a music that is very comfortable. "Auto Music Composer Light" decomposes the tone of a musical instrument, and re-compounds it in the process which makes music.
Download Auto Music Composer Light 1.0More info about Auto Music Composer Light 1.0
Melomania Thumbnail
Melomania 1.89
Melomania is a handy music collection program for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collections of any kind, from vinyl to MP3s, and provides you with the facilities to manage a music...
Download Melomania 1.89More info about Melomania 1.89
Pieces of Music Games Thumbnail
Pieces of Music Games 1.3
This software package consists of 3 educational games titled: Music Matching, Music Bingo, and Music Missing. These games are designed to work together to teach the names of several music symbols...
Download Pieces of Music Games 1.3More info about Pieces of Music Games 1.3
Play music online Thumbnail
Play music online 7
Listen and repeat music. free online music flash game. This educational games for children and adults can now learn music the fun way! This is educational online software game. All about how to...
Download Play music online 7More info about Play music online 7
Drag music player Thumbnail
Drag music player 2
Drag music game. Some people think to read music is hard and difficult. The following game will introduce the most important topics in reading music in a very easy to understand way.
Download Drag music player 2More info about Drag music player 2
RCN Deezer Downloader Thumbnail
RCN Deezer Downloader 1.0
Deezer offers, free of charge, and legally, all kinds of music, from rock to hip-hop, jazz, electro and world music. And the best part of the deezer is you don't have to download any software...
Download RCN Deezer Downloader 1.0More info about RCN Deezer Downloader 1.0
TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant Thumbnail
TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant 1.21
TwelveKeys is an aid to assist musicians in learning and transcribing music recordings. It is able to accurately detect notes in both simple single instrument recordings as well as complex...
Download TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant 1.21More info about TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant 1.21
Chinese Culture Window (Music) Thumbnail
Chinese Culture Window (Music) 1.0
It is a way for you know Chinese traditional music and Chinese Culture . Chinese traditional music is mystical, melodious and fascinating! you will have a tour of Chinese traditional music by...
Download Chinese Culture Window (Music) 1.0More info about Chinese Culture Window (Music) 1.0
Helium Music Manager Thumbnail
Helium Music Manager 8
Helium Music Manager is a music tagger, renamer, cataloguer, browser, playlist manager and report creator. It can catalogue, edit and play the most common music formats (MP3, Ogg, WMA, iTunes M4A,...
Download Helium Music Manager 8More info about Helium Music Manager 8
Music Label 2007 Thumbnail
Music Label 2007 13.2
Music Label 2007 helps you organize your music collection. The track info on your CDs is indexed automatically, using the online Gracenote CDDB2 music database. Images of your CD covers are...
Download Music Label 2007 13.2More info about Music Label 2007 13.2
Sector Tester Thumbnail
Sector Tester 1.0
Sector Tester is a new & used music CD "sector" tester that checks music tracks for scratches and data integrity in seconds. If you burn your own music CD's - you need to be absolutely sure they're...
Download Sector Tester 1.0More info about Sector Tester 1.0
Music Editor Free Thumbnail
Music Editor Free 8.0.2
This powerful free tool allows you edit your music files like editing text files! It allows you to: Display a waveform window of an music file and apply zooming; Record new audio file from a...
Download Music Editor Free 8.0.2More info about Music Editor Free 8.0.2
FLAC2CD Thumbnail
FLAC2CD 3.6.3
Flac2CD is a FLAC + CUE file burner which can burn a music CD from an FLAC + CUE music CD image. A CUE file is required to burn the FLAC file, the CUE file contains the information of every track...
Download FLAC2CD 3.6.3More info about FLAC2CD 3.6.3
Rhythm Rider Thumbnail
Rhythm Rider 2.00
A 3D Music visualization plug-in for MS Windows Media Player. Play MP3, WAV and music CDs and ride the music wave in a 3D environment. Gives a roller coaster feel to your music, with a fire...
Download Rhythm Rider 2.00More info about Rhythm Rider 2.00
Christian Music Radio Toolbar Thumbnail
Christian Music Radio Toolbar V2.0
Christian Music Toolbar - 100% FREE - listen to Christian radio directly from browser. Listen and change stations as you browse the internet. Installs and uninstalls in seconds. Has a number of...
Download Christian Music Radio Toolbar V2.0More info about Christian Music Radio Toolbar V2.0

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