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Fomine WinPopup Thumbnail
Fomine WinPopup 3.8
This instant-messaging tool is a powerful replacement for Microsoft WinPopup. Fomine WinPopup is a much better user-friendly application with a handy interface. It has a contact list, which shows...
Download Fomine WinPopup 3.8More info about Fomine WinPopup 3.8
WinPopup Speak! Thumbnail
WinPopup Speak! 1.0
WinPopup Speak is free add-on for Fomine WinPopup. This application speaks incoming messages that received by Fomine WinPopup.
Download WinPopup Speak! 1.0More info about WinPopup Speak! 1.0
WinPopup Gold Thumbnail
WinPopup Gold 6.02
WinPopup Gold let you send, receive messages and chat through your local network. Easy to set up and use (no server need, no ip address to setup), it enables you to point and send messages,from...
Download WinPopup Gold 6.02More info about WinPopup Gold 6.02
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MSNTalk 1.3
MSNTalk - easy to use replacement for standard WinPopup. Allows to chat in a local network both in the conference mode, and private talks. Does not depend on the installed network protocols (can...
Download MSNTalk 1.3More info about MSNTalk 1.3
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WinPopup ActiveX 1.04
WinPopup ActiveX solves the problem of exchange data between your applications on the local area network (or in local computer) without any server. Simple to use, it also manages the Windows XP...
Download WinPopup ActiveX 1.04More info about WinPopup ActiveX 1.04
My WinPopup Express Thumbnail
My WinPopup Express 2009.02
WinPopup Express let you send and exchange messages within your local network. Secure (not connected to the internet), reliable and easily accessible, this software is available for all versions of...
Download My WinPopup Express 2009.02More info about My WinPopup Express 2009.02
CoolPopup Thumbnail
CoolPopup 1.01
Easy-to-use WinPopup replacement. Are you dealing with the problem "how to make everybody get to work without talking to everyone individually"? Use CoolPopup! All you have to do is type an...
Download CoolPopup 1.01More info about CoolPopup 1.01
Winpopup NET messenger Thumbnail
Winpopup NET messenger 1.2
WinPopup NET Messenger is a network messaging program ( LAN CHAT ) for Windows, that will allow you to send LAN messages from one computer to another on the same network. You do not need to have...
Download Winpopup NET messenger 1.2More info about Winpopup NET messenger 1.2
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Realpopup 2.6.167
RealPopup replaces old winpopup with a full featured freeware tool which remains stable and simple as its predecessor. It's fully integrated with LAN environment and it's available in more than 12...
Download Realpopup 2.6.167More info about Realpopup 2.6.167
WinMessenger Thumbnail
WinMessenger 2.8.03
Simple, smart and very convenient program, fully compatible with standard WinPopup, having a very similar interface, but without all the drawbacks and with emoticons, links, etc. Compatible with...
Download WinMessenger 2.8.03More info about WinMessenger 2.8.03
Fomine Net Send GUI Thumbnail
Fomine Net Send GUI 2.4
Net Send GUI is plain instant LAN messenger for easy communication. It uses proprietary network protocol which one is based on TCP/IP, and it is not compatible with Microsoft NET SEND. But the Net...
Download Fomine Net Send GUI 2.4More info about Fomine Net Send GUI 2.4
Flashdeli Thumbnail
Flashdeli 3.94
Flashdeli (Flash Delivery) is an instant messaging system for your LAN or intranet. This software is a replacement for Microsoft WinPopup or Messenger services. It will give you a solid boost in...
Download Flashdeli 3.94More info about Flashdeli 3.94
Winpopup LAN Messenger Thumbnail
Winpopup LAN Messenger 4.9
Lan messenger is a powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users within a local network. Configure the contact list and specify groups of contacts with ease and flexibility. The...
Download Winpopup LAN Messenger 4.9More info about Winpopup LAN Messenger 4.9
OfficePopup Thumbnail
OfficePopup 2.30
OfficePopup allows the management team to inform employees about any important events or incidents by sending messages to entire departments or individual users on your network. OfficePopup runs on...
Download OfficePopup 2.30More info about OfficePopup 2.30
WinSent Messenger Thumbnail
WinSent Messenger
A simple, handy and easy-to-use instant messaging program for local area networks. The program supports contact list, message archive, LAN browser. Compatible with WinPopup, Windows Messenger...
Download WinSent Messenger info about WinSent Messenger
Fomine Messenger Thumbnail
Fomine Messenger 1.8
This LAN messenger allows you to exchange messages on a local network. The program does not require you to set aside a server to function properly. It is easily configurable and you will be ready...
Download Fomine Messenger 1.8More info about Fomine Messenger 1.8
Fomine Observer Thumbnail
Fomine Observer 1.0
Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service (Windows NT/2000/XP). Unlike the Messenger Service it has a convenient interface. You can also run Fomine Observer on Windows 98/ME.
Download Fomine Observer 1.0More info about Fomine Observer 1.0
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Ariolic NetSend 9x 1.2.1
With this small console utility you can send messages over your network on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000. Using of the program is similarly to the command 'net send' from Windows NT or Windows 2000, but...
Download Ariolic NetSend 9x 1.2.1More info about Ariolic NetSend 9x 1.2.1
LanToucher Instant Messenger Thumbnail
LanToucher Instant Messenger 1.33.0
LanToucher Instant Messenger is instant messaging software for your office or home LAN (Local Area Network) True serverless (peer-to-peer) messaging; Proven cross-platform compatibility; No...
Download LanToucher Instant Messenger 1.33.0More info about LanToucher Instant Messenger 1.33.0
Vypress Messenger Thumbnail
Vypress Messenger 4.0
It is the real-time messaging system specifically designed for business Intranets. Using a peer-to-peer architecture, it delivers text messages from workstation to workstation at real-time, without...
Download Vypress Messenger 4.0More info about Vypress Messenger 4.0

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