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NET Video Spy Thumbnail
NET Video Spy 2.3
NET Video Spy - is a video-surveillance system that allows you to monitor remote locations using LAN. NET Video Spy utilizes the power of your webcam, TV card or srceen capture to create your own...
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SoftCab Webcam Spy Lite Thumbnail
SoftCab Webcam Spy Lite 1.3
The program allows to spy on your webcamera. It can be used for video surveillance and home security system. The program supports any video source (tv tuner or web-camera). WebCam Spy features...
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Webcam Watchdog Thumbnail
Webcam Watchdog 4.0
Webcam Watchdog is a powerful yet easy to use software to turn your PC into an ultimate remote surveillance machine. Webcam Watchdog provides you around-the-clock digital video recording with...
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1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance Thumbnail
1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.
WebCam - Hidden Security / Video Surveillance Software. This is the same software that's currently being used by police officials across the United States! Guardian Security Cam is being called...
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Eye of Horus with JRE Thumbnail
Eye of Horus with JRE 1.0
Have you ever left your home to go on vacation, and wished you could keep an eye on it? Have you ever left your office and wondered if someone goes in it while you are gone? Have you ever wanted to...
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Spycam Lizard Thumbnail
Spycam Lizard 1.22
Spycam Lizard is a covert surveillance App. It's a cheap, compact, quick-install. It is the stealth motion detection webcam system that may solve your monitoring issue. It has an embedded HTTP...
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WebCamDV 2.1
WebCamDV allows you to use your DV camcorder as a Web cam in conjunction with any Instant Messenger application (AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger), letting you videoconference with or send...
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Easy Photo Grabber Thumbnail
Easy Photo Grabber 1.4.0
Webcam Video Photo Surveillance Software for Windows. Grab video images from your webcam or TV-capture card and create a photo archive on disk. Keep a watchful eye on your office, house, or shop -...
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Super Webcam Recorder Thumbnail
Super Webcam Recorder 4.2001
Super Webcam Recorder is a simple and professional webcam video recording software. the webcam tool designed to help you capture streaming video and audio or snapshots with the hotkey. You can save...
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WebCam Looker Thumbnail
WebCam Looker 2.8
WebCam Looker - is easy to use webcam surveillance system. On movements around any shape it alarms by sound, SMS, email, messaging, application execution, to web. Monitoring via Internet. Archive....
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Active WebCam Thumbnail
Active WebCam 11.6
Active WebCam broadcasts MPEG-4 live video up to 30 fps from any web camera. The captured video can be viewed with any browser. It can be used as a surveillance system; on motion, records video and...
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WatchSome Webcams Thumbnail
WatchSome Webcams 2.1
WatchSome Webcams is webcam software that allows you to view many of your favorite webcams at the same time. You can configure the web cam software to automatically save the webcam pics to your...
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Magic Camera Thumbnail
Magic Camera 7.2.1
Webcam software to enhance your webcam with 1000+ webcam effects. Add a virtual webcam to let you play files, screens and video effects on video chats(e.g., Skype). Recording webcam videos & taking...
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Webcam Dashboard Thumbnail
Webcam Dashboard 3.0
Watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously! Save any new pictures! Click on a webcam's thumbnail to view it full size! Even use a webcam as your screensaver! Automatically downloads webcam images!...
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SystemSleuth Thumbnail
SystemSleuth 1.0
SystemSleuth is a computer surveillance program that secretly monitors all activity on your computer. View emails, passwords, instant messages, webcam images, printer activity, visited websites,...
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SarmSoft WebCam Thumbnail
SarmSoft WebCam 2.0
Fully featured web camera solution designed to help you capture video or snapshots and publish them on the web. The motion detector triggers a variety of security actions. Great collection of...
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HandyAvi Thumbnail
HandyAvi 4.3
Use any webcam to make time-lapse, motion-detect, meteor trail planetary or animation movies. Use for science, surveillance or astronomy. HandyAvi has a built-in movie viewer, movie editor and...
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Webcam Toolkit 3.06
WebCam Toolkit is professional image capture software that allows you to create your very own "live" images on your web page easier than ever before - using your existing webcam.Even if your...
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ManyCam Thumbnail
ManyCam 2.0
ManyCam is free webcam software that allows you to use your webcam with multiple applications at the same time and add cool graphics to your webcam video window. Without ManyCam installed you are...
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CamSplitter Thumbnail
CamSplitter 2.0
CamSplitter software allows to use one webcam device in multiple applications without locking the device. This software is designed to work like a bridge between one webcam device and several...
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