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A-one Home Looker Thumbnail
A-one Home Looker 4.41
A-one Home Looker is a powerful video monitor program. It could let you see your home whenever and wherever by capture video through webcamera and send screenshot to your email box at interval time
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WebcamMail Thumbnail
WebcamMail 2.0
WebcamMail makes the video file very small and easy to transmit even with a 56k modem with an impeccable image quality. The streaming video files created by WebcamMail are Windows Media compatible...
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Vigleo Thumbnail
Vigleo 2.0
Vigleo is a video sharing software, useful to send video on the web or by email. You can send video on Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viddler, Blip.TV and any dotnetnuke web site with the...
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BT Video Wizard Thumbnail
BT Video Wizard
Extremely easy Video Recording Wizard to record video in compressed WMV format. WMV format is the video format used by Windows Media Player. The videos you record will be very small and very high...
Download BT Video Wizard info about BT Video Wizard
XtraSense Surveillance Thumbnail
XtraSense Surveillance 1.62 R070330
XtraSense is a multi-camera & multi-angle surveillance system with sensor input and visual map. It supports 16 video channels and 8 sensors through parallel port. Alarm notification can be sent...
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Email Extractor Websites Thumbnail
Email Extractor Websites 1.1
Advance Email Extractor is Email Addresses Extractor and Mailer,Extracting Email Addresses Websites/Files.Email Addresses Extractor is Email Addresses List Manager,Email Finder,Email Grabber
Download Email Extractor Websites 1.1More info about Email Extractor Websites 1.1
EMail Delivery Engine Thumbnail
EMail Delivery Engine 1.4
E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our...
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Email Address Finder Thumbnail
Email Address Finder 6.46
Email Address Finder is an email address finding software for extracting email addresses and sending email. Email Address Finder extracts e-mail addresses from targeted email servers.
Download Email Address Finder 6.46More info about Email Address Finder 6.46
Video DJ Thumbnail
Video DJ 2.1.2
Broadcast live video from webcam or on-demand video (.avi) files. Record video files from your webcam for on-demand broadcasting or create converted copies of existing video files. Send Video...
Download Video DJ 2.1.2More info about Video DJ 2.1.2
Super Email Harvester Thumbnail
Super Email Harvester 6.10
Super Email Harvester is powerful bulk email software for extracting email addresses and sending email. Super Email Harvester extracts e-mail addresses from targeted email servers.
Download Super Email Harvester 6.10More info about Super Email Harvester 6.10
Tukanas Email Extractor Thumbnail
Tukanas Email Extractor 2.0
Tukanas Email Extractor 2.0 has been made to collect email addresses from websites. It can obviously extract email adresses in any files on your computer. It will be usefull to extract emails for...
Download Tukanas Email Extractor 2.0More info about Tukanas Email Extractor 2.0
Email Template Buddy Thumbnail
Email Template Buddy 2.1
Email Template Buddy is an Email template manager software package. It allows the user to save multiple email templates and has features like find and replace. The software is free to try for 29...
Download Email Template Buddy 2.1More info about Email Template Buddy 2.1
Video Ads Blocker Thumbnail
Video Ads Blocker 1.0c
Free Video Ads Blocker (VAB) increases browsing speeds by up to 300 percent. It reduces the amount of incoming traffic and a web page loading time by blocking the most annoying Internet ads. VAB...
Download Video Ads Blocker 1.0cMore info about Video Ads Blocker 1.0c
HTML Email Creator Thumbnail
HTML Email Creator 2.1.659
HTML Email Creator creates HTML email by a HTML file, and sends the HTML email. HTML email outputted and sent by the software is compatible with a spectrum of email clients and webmail such as...
Download HTML Email Creator 2.1.659More info about HTML Email Creator 2.1.659
Email Verifier Thumbnail
Email Verifier 9.402
Products Details: This is a Professional email address verification tool.Rapid and accurate test mail address is real and effective. English, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified,...
Download Email Verifier 9.402More info about Email Verifier 9.402
1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance Thumbnail
1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.
WebCam - Hidden Security / Video Surveillance Software. This is the same software that's currently being used by police officials across the United States! Guardian Security Cam is being called...
Download 1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.More info about 1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.
EmailSpider Gold Thumbnail
EmailSpider Gold 11
A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The queries of search engines is also possible. Email Spider can scan the entire InterNet.
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Colorful Email Creator Thumbnail
Colorful Email Creator 1.8
With colorful Email Creator, you can create colorful and lively html email; You can create your email card with styles, background, clipart and thousands of emoticons. You also can create your own...
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EmailGenerator Platinum Thumbnail
EmailGenerator Platinum 12
The EmailGenerator doesn't only offer you the possibility to generate any possible email address, this program can also check these if they are valid or not. With this software, you generate...
Download EmailGenerator Platinum 12More info about EmailGenerator Platinum 12
Lydia Thumbnail
Lydia 6.0.0
Lydia Email Agent is a small, fast windows program that monitors up to 15 email accounts. Lydia not only notifies you when new email arrives but also filters spam, lets you read your email,...
Download Lydia 6.0.0More info about Lydia 6.0.0

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