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MemCheck Pro Thumbnail
MemCheck Pro 3.0
MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Features include Optimization of lost Resources for System, User and GDI as well as Memory Load, memory types available
Download MemCheck Pro 3.0More info about MemCheck Pro 3.0
SoSure Business Backup Thumbnail
SoSure Business Backup 1.2.0
SoSure offers a unique continuous online backup solution that is easy to install and use and keeps all user data completely private. No maintenance required as your files are automatically sent to...
Download SoSure Business Backup 1.2.0More info about SoSure Business Backup 1.2.0
DirSpy Thumbnail
DirSpy 2.8
DirSpy allows you to see all those using network files within a specific directory. Other impressive features of DirSpy include extensive server/client information, volume information, volume disk...
Download DirSpy 2.8More info about DirSpy 2.8
Free MP3 Organizer Thumbnail
Free MP3 Organizer 3.1
Free MP3 Organizer helps user in managing of MP3,WAV and WMA files on his harddisk. Free MP3 Organizer allows the quick and easy editing of MP3-tags, renaming mp3 filenames, scanning selected...
Download Free MP3 Organizer 3.1More info about Free MP3 Organizer 3.1
PocketBk Thumbnail
PocketBk 1.1
In our modern lives, almost every technological innovation we use to simplify our lives requires us to keep a unique account or password. Bank cards, internet access, cell phones, computers, web...
Download PocketBk 1.1More info about PocketBk 1.1
DesktopOK Thumbnail
DesktopOK 1.21
Save and restore the positions of icons. DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for user that have to change the screen resolution often. DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be...
Download DesktopOK 1.21More info about DesktopOK 1.21
SpreadMsg Lite Thumbnail
SpreadMsg Lite 5.20
an email scanning agent that searches email waiting at their ISP, or from any POP3 or IMAP server, applying user-specified rules, like looking for specific text content, or "from" a specific...
Download SpreadMsg Lite 5.20More info about SpreadMsg Lite 5.20
MDWRecovery / Simply Accounting Password Recovery Thumbnail
MDWRecovery / Simply Accounting Password Recovery 3.0
MDWRecovery recovers users and admin passwords from Microsoft Access Workgroup files (*.MDW). MDWRecovery can also recover passwords from Simply Accounting Security files (*.SDW). MDWRecovery can...
Download MDWRecovery / Simply Accounting Password Recovery 3.0More info about MDWRecovery / Simply Accounting Password Recovery 3.0
Glucose Journal and Database Thumbnail
Glucose Journal and Database 2.0
Helps user keep an organized journal of important blood glucose test results. Powerful sorting capabilities let users view their glucose test results in many different ways. All records are kept...
Download Glucose Journal and Database 2.0More info about Glucose Journal and Database 2.0
1st Screen Lock Thumbnail
1st Screen Lock 9.41
1st Screen Lock is a password-protected desktop security utility that lets you lock your desktop with a password on boot, or at the time you are leaving your PC. You can use the built-in spy...
Download 1st Screen Lock 9.41More info about 1st Screen Lock 9.41
Wing FTP Server Thumbnail
Wing FTP Server 3.7.2
Wing FTP Server is a multi-protocol file server(FTP, HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP) for Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris. The server has real-time information function, letting you monitor your...
Download Wing FTP Server 3.7.2More info about Wing FTP Server 3.7.2
EF File Catalog Thumbnail
EF File Catalog 2.50
Catalog whole disks or only single directories with familiar Explorer-like user interface and makes it available for offline browsing and searching. Here are some key features of "EF File...
Download EF File Catalog 2.50More info about EF File Catalog 2.50
Softes Windows Cleaner 2005 Thumbnail
Softes Windows Cleaner 2005
Windows Cleaner is All-In-One cleaning solution. Cleaner takes care of your temp/internet files/folders, registry and junk files. All it takes is one click on any key (user choice) on a keyboard:...
Download Softes Windows Cleaner 2005 info about Softes Windows Cleaner 2005
KlassBuilder Thumbnail
KlassBuilder 2010.17
KlassBuilder is designed to create classes for use in the database tier of multi-tier development environments. Supports SQL Server, MySql, SQLite and other database technologies. Template driven...
Download KlassBuilder 2010.17More info about KlassBuilder 2010.17
PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) Thumbnail
PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) 7.6.1
PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for personal and network PCs. It is professional...
Download PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) 7.6.1More info about PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) 7.6.1
Zone One Thumbnail
Zone One 1.0
Zone One is a program specifically designed for a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner. The program will search the output PDF file for a value and use it to name the file. The value can be anything the user...
Download Zone One 1.0More info about Zone One 1.0
Timesheets Lite Thumbnail
Timesheets Lite 2.2.22
Timesheets Lite is our multi user timesheet program that is free for single database connections (2-3 users). It is ideally suited to a project based environment where you need to track and bill...
Download Timesheets Lite 2.2.22More info about Timesheets Lite 2.2.22
eBookGuard Document Protection Thumbnail
eBookGuard Document Protection 3.1
eBookGuard: This program is for authors who want to sell or distribute text material online. This program will encrypt your text files or rich text formatfiles. This includes an eBook reader...
Download eBookGuard Document Protection 3.1More info about eBookGuard Document Protection 3.1
Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe Thumbnail
Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1.0
Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe is an utility integrated into Desktop popup menu that saves and restores icon layouts. By creating several profiles the user eliminates time-consuming searches for the...
Download Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1.0More info about Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe 1.0
SecureWallet Thumbnail
SecureWallet 1.01
Passwords are a part of life! Just about everything - your ATM card, your house alarm, your calling card - requires a password. The PC is no exception. SecureWallet is a digital key chains for your...
Download SecureWallet 1.01More info about SecureWallet 1.01

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