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SQLDBCompare V2.4
The powerful database schema/data comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server database. It compares either an individual object or the entire database objects within two databases, and...
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SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.3
SQL Server Comparison Tool is a Windows program for analyzing, comparing and documenting SQL Server databases. It's an ideal tool for Database Administrators (DBA) and Developers. With SCT you can...
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IsEqual 1.01
A must have for those who often deals with identifying files that have been changed. New IsEqual will help you to quickly identify differences between files even with multitude of new features....
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Compare & Backup 1.80
Compare & Backup is an easy to use backup software which allows you compare source with destination before you do any copy or delete operation. Compare results are shown in 5 sections.So you can...
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xSQL Object
xSQL Object is a professional SQL tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server databases. It allows the developers and database administrators to keep their development, testing and production...
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Compare PDF 2.0
Compare PDF can compare both - related and non-related Adobe Acrobat files. "By keywords" comparison feature highlights common and unique keywords, allowing to compare non-related files....
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DiffnMerge 1.3
Quick and Easy File and Folder Comparing. Compare and merge text files on a line by line basis. Recursively compare and synchronize folders and files for differences. Compare HTML files using...
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AdeptSQL Diff 1.95 Build 87
With AdeptSQL Diff, you can visually compare two MS SQL Server databases, then produce and execute difference scripts for a choosen part or for the whole schema. Also compares table data. Very...
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UltraCompare Professional 5.00
Powerful compare/merge utility with line-by-line comparison of individual files in text or binary modes. Folder compare/merge for individual directories and recursive folder compare includes all...
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DBi-Desktop 1.01
DBi-Desktop Professional is designed to make working with DBISAM a breeze! This enhanced database manager includes many features. Simple to use interface! Project Manager! Maintain all your...
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Host Evaluator 1.0
Finally there is a way that you can analyze web hosts before you pull out your credit card and make the move. With the Host Evaluator software you can add the web hosting plans you want to compare,...
Download Host Evaluator 1.0More info about Host Evaluator 1.0 Hex Compare Thumbnail Hex Compare 1.9
A binary file comparison and hex editor. Help you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor. Allow compare two files and find every different easily.Save comparison to file. Find...
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Compare And Merge 2.3
Compare and Merge is a visual file compare utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve these differences. For programmers, web developers, and anyone...
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EMS Data Comparer 2007 for SQL Server 2.0
EMS Data Comparer for SQL Server is a powerful and easy-to-use utility for data comparison and synchronization. You can view all the differences in compared tables and execute an automatically...
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FontPage 3.0.2
FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system. You can also print out a specimen page for any font, or print a list of them. FontPage has its own character table, a compare...
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HexCmp 2.32
HexCmp is a program, which combines together the features of a binary file comparison application and a convenient hex editor. The program will help you to compare files in binary format, at the...
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DB Explorer 3.0.1
Compare two database schemas and/or table data rows and report differences. Synchronise the differences for one or other database. Sync Schema generates the SQL DDL statements. Sync Data either...
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Excel Compare 3.0
Track differences and compare Microsoft Excel files and spreadsheets with Excel Compare. Excel Compare saves time by eliminating the file comparison routine, and improves comparison precision by...
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ComposeEssay 1.0
ComposeEssay guides through the process of ideas brainstorming and structuring in an interview-like style, in the end the program will create a template for compare and contrast essay. It makes...
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Smart Suite for MySQL 6.12.05
Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare, synchronize, navigate and backup SQL databases manually. Smart Suite for MySQL will do all this for you. One click and your...
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