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QB - Spanish 1.0
QB - Spanish is an easy to use Windows program that lets you expand your Spanish vocabulary. Contains over 600 Spanish words and expressions with audio recorded by a native Spanish speaker.
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StartSpanish 3.8
StartSpanish is for beginners as well as for those who want to review their Spanish and quickly get back on track. It contains brief yet comprehensive explanations about all of the most important...
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Buensoft Spanish 2004
BuenSoft Spanish is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their Spanish.
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SpanishSaver-Interactive Spanish Screensaver 1.00
Interactive Spanish Language Screensaver that builds your Spanish vocabulary and grammar through Screensaver frames. Contains over 25,000 words grouped in over 70 categories. Also includes an...
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Learn To Speak Spanish 3.2
When we are playing games, surfing on line or doing some other work we spend a lot of time on waiting. Learn to Speak Spanish is very useful in improving your spoken Spanish and building your...
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Recite Spanish Words Thumbnail
Recite Spanish Words 3.1
Recite Spanish words can be played automatically on the top of the computer screen, so when you work, study and play on the computer , you can master all kinds of Spanish words to increase Your...
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LangPad - Spanish Characters Thumbnail
LangPad - Spanish Characters 1.1
LangPad - Spanish Characters provides an easy way to insert Spanish language characters and symbols into your WordPad and Notepad text. Click the mouse on a character or symbol in the chart, and it...
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English-Spanish Gold Dictionary for UIQ Thumbnail
English-Spanish Gold Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
SlovoEd is a Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary for UIQ devices (Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and others). Spanish-English dictionary contains 54893 entries. English-Spanish dictionary...
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German-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ Thumbnail
German-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
SlovoEd is a German-Spanish & Spanish-German dictionary for UIQ devices (Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and others). German-Spanish dictionary contains 40973 entries. Spanish-German dictionary...
Download German-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0More info about German-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
French-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ Thumbnail
French-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
SlovoEd is a French-Spanish & Spanish-French dictionary for Sony Ericsson devices (Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and others). French-Spanish dictionary contains 34999 entries. Spanish-French...
Download French-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0More info about French-Spanish Dictionary for UIQ 2.0
Spanish Whiz Thumbnail
Spanish Whiz 7.2
Spanish Whiz is an excellent Spanish vocabulary building program with sound for practicing listening and pronunciation, over 35,000 ready-made questions, and lets you create your own word lists....
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LEARNit Spanish Verb Tutor Thumbnail
LEARNit Spanish Verb Tutor 1.1
For just US$15 the LEARNit Spanish Verb Tutor will help you master your verbs from your first steps of the present tense regular verbs, up to and including the irregular subjunctive verbs.
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Amigos Spanish Puzzles Thumbnail
Amigos Spanish Puzzles 2.7
Learn Spanish vocabulary using games and puzzles. Fun and easy to use. Words are grouped into categories for easy learning. The program also provides a great variety of games and puzzles -...
Download Amigos Spanish Puzzles 2.7More info about Amigos Spanish Puzzles 2.7
Ultralingua Spanish-English Dictionary Thumbnail
Ultralingua Spanish-English Dictionary 5.03
The most CONVENIENT AND COMPREHENSIVE Spanish-English bidirectional dictionary for your PC. This is a professional grade dictionary for use in education, translation, and business. Over 300,000...
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Global Translator Thumbnail
Global Translator 2
Make automatic translations to 14 languages. It includes multiple features, like send translations by email, store them, and many others. Free Translator Service from and to german, chinnese,...
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PCVoz Thumbnail
PCVoz 8.0
Your aplications Talk!!!. A very fun and easy to use, but powerful Screen reader application for English and Spanish that use Microsoft Agent technology and the power of voice to allow a totally...
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Free Quiz-Buddy Thumbnail
Free Quiz-Buddy 4.1
Free Quiz-Buddy is a free program that makes it easy to memorize various subjects. Adjusts to your way of learning. Includes 20 quizzes on Multiplication, State Capitals, Spanish, Spelling,...
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Aspose.Spell Thumbnail
Aspose.Spell 1.8
Aspose.Spell multilingual spell checking component that can enable you to check spelling in more than 20 languages, including Afrikaans(ZA), Catalan(ES), Spanish(ES) and Swedish(SE) etc.The last...
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Softi ScanWiz Thumbnail
Softi ScanWiz 2.16
ScanWiz is a scanning Software program for Microsoft Windows. it can create multi-page Pdf,s & tiff's even with a flatbed scanner. Its can Scan to PDF, Scan to Tiff and has automatic image...
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Travel Dictionary Spanish PC Thumbnail
Travel Dictionary Spanish PC 5.0
Travel Dictionary Spanish in combination with German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch. The most comprehensive travel dictionaries as freeware for your PC! 7 dictionaries in...
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