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RoboMail Mass Mail Software Thumbnail
RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.4.1
RoboMail has a built-in e-mail server which can send out e-mail without using ISP's server. You can prepare personalized e-mail easily. You can send newsletter, product release, promotion to...
Download RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.4.1More info about RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.4.1
FlexWindow Enterprise Server Thumbnail
FlexWindow Enterprise Server 1.0.1
Have you ever wished updating your web site were as easy as, say, sending an e-mail? With FlexWindow it is. FlexWindow Enterprise Server converts your e-mail content and puts it on your web site as...
Download FlexWindow Enterprise Server 1.0.1More info about FlexWindow Enterprise Server 1.0.1
VoiceMailer Thumbnail
VoiceMailer 1
A Desktop application that will allow you to send and receive voice mail via your existing pop3 mail box. GMail users can send and receive free voice mail through their GMail accounts.
Download VoiceMailer 1More info about VoiceMailer 1
XPertMailer for PHP5 Thumbnail
XPertMailer for PHP5 3.0.4
XPertMailer is a SMTP & POP3 P that you can use to send and read encoded MIME type e-mail messages (text, HTML, HTML embedded images, attachments) towards a localhost, client or relay SMTP servers...
Download XPertMailer for PHP5 3.0.4More info about XPertMailer for PHP5 3.0.4
ZMail Thumbnail
ZMail 0.7
ZMail is the best open source program for sending fake or anonymous email. If you need to send a quick email to someone without opening your regular email program, test an email server, or perhaps...
Download ZMail 0.7More info about ZMail 0.7
Podmailing Thumbnail
Podmailing 0.9.5
Podmailing enables you to send supersize files and folders by e-mail and without clogging your inbox. It is as easy to use as e-mail and the transfers are very reliable thanks to our servers which...
Download Podmailing 0.9.5More info about Podmailing 0.9.5
psSendMail Thumbnail
psSendMail 1.1
psSendMailâ„¢ is a Windowsâ„¢ DLL that provides the ability to send e-mail messages. The purpose of this DLL is to make e-mail capability possible for those development environments that...
Download psSendMail 1.1More info about psSendMail 1.1
Tukanas Hits Generator Thumbnail
Tukanas Hits Generator 1.5
Tukanas Hits Generator software has been designed to simulate real online visitors and to generate hits and traffic online. Easily boost your link popularity. Our Fake Visitors Software is easy to...
Download Tukanas Hits Generator 1.5More info about Tukanas Hits Generator 1.5
Ken Mail Server Thumbnail
Ken Mail Server 3.0
Welcome to one of the most versatile, and powerful, yet easy to use bulk mailing programs available today! Ken Mail Server is a 32-bit application that is extremely simple to operate, and makes...
Download Ken Mail Server 3.0More info about Ken Mail Server 3.0
Voice E-Mail Pilot Thumbnail
Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00
Do you have to type e-mails all day long? Hey, your e-mail does not have to be typed - you can create voice e-mails. And Voice E-Mail Pilot is the program that will let you do this. Your voice...
Download Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00More info about Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00
JSoft Mail Thumbnail
JSoft Mail 3.10
JSoft Mail is a DNS email list manager, designed to handle your in-house mailing and subscription lists. Simple to use, yet powerful, but the best part is that you can download it once and use...
Download JSoft Mail 3.10More info about JSoft Mail 3.10
LinkWS Newsletter Thumbnail
LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 Turbo
With Newsletter you have a 7 in 1 tool to send HTML formated newsletters or any kind of e-mail to your subscribers, customers or other e-mail lists you have. It is a complete software with...
Download LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 TurboMore info about LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 Turbo
Easy Mass Mailer Thumbnail
Easy Mass Mailer 1.8
Easy Mass Mailer is uniquely easy to use fast email sending program. It can work with it's default settings. You just have to fill the message and load the recipients You want to send it to. It...
Download Easy Mass Mailer 1.8More info about Easy Mass Mailer 1.8
Direct sender Thumbnail
Direct sender 3.05
Direct Sender allows you to quickly and easily send unlimited numbers of personalized e-mail messages using any kind of database (Access97/2000, Excel, text, ODBC...) The bulk process sends up to...
Download Direct sender 3.05More info about Direct sender 3.05
HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway Thumbnail
HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0
HotApoc allows you to send and receive mail through any number of hotmail accounts using a real email program! - No more need to manually log in to check your Hotmail account. - Keep all your...
Download HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0More info about HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0
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EMail Sentry 1.50
EMail Sentry helps make e-mail more convenient and safer. EMail Sentry will optionally remove junk e-mail, and e-mails that contain viruses. It can send you reminders; save common replies; manage...
Download EMail Sentry 1.50More info about EMail Sentry 1.50
1st Email Address Verifier 2006 Thumbnail
1st Email Address Verifier 2006 4.80
1st Email Address Verifier (EAV) is a program that verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in mailing lists.The program works on the same algorithm as ISP mail systems do. Mail servers addresses...
Download 1st Email Address Verifier 2006 4.80More info about 1st Email Address Verifier 2006 4.80
Auto Mail Sender Thumbnail
Auto Mail Sender 3.10
Auto Mail Sender is used to send emails automatically at anytime and any frequency as you expect, it satisfies all your mailing requirements. You can set automatic sending time yearly, monthly,...
Download Auto Mail Sender 3.10More info about Auto Mail Sender 3.10
Easy SMTP Server Thumbnail
Easy SMTP Server 2.9
Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Using this program you will increase your e-mail security and privacy as well as get rid of...
Download Easy SMTP Server 2.9More info about Easy SMTP Server 2.9
PopCorn Thumbnail
PopCorn 1.92
PopCorn is a freeware ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP e-mail client It works as a client/server application, reading mail 'directly' from POP3 servers. It is ideally suited for 'on the road' mail...
Download PopCorn 1.92More info about PopCorn 1.92

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