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AB Password Generator Thumbnail
AB Password Generator 2.33
Generates one password or a list up to 999999 passwords with length between 1 and 999 characters. The list will be saved in *.txt file at your choice. The password(s) can contain letters and/or...
Download AB Password Generator 2.33More info about AB Password Generator 2.33
IEProtect Thumbnail
IEProtect 3.03
Password protect access to selected websites on your PC. All you have to do is to select password and a list of protected websites. When a site is protected other computer users will be asked to...
Download IEProtect 3.03More info about IEProtect 3.03
Password Maintenance Thumbnail
Password Maintenance 2.08c
Manage all your passwords and websites with the ability to automatically fill in your user id and password on each website. You can automatically click and open any website in your list, keep your...
Download Password Maintenance 2.08cMore info about Password Maintenance 2.08c
Program Sentry Thumbnail
Program Sentry 1.0.0
Provides access control and usage management. Allows you to either create a list of blocked programs or a list of allowed programs. Individual programs can be password protected.
Download Program Sentry 1.0.0More info about Program Sentry 1.0.0
Advanced Password Generator Thumbnail
Advanced Password Generator 3.29
Advanced Password Generator is a Windows based application designed to generate passwords of any length or character content. This application is used by network administrators, internet service...
Download Advanced Password Generator 3.29More info about Advanced Password Generator 3.29
Password Genius Thumbnail
Password Genius 2008
Forget your Windows Admin/User password? Want to find out your computer's BIOS/CMOS password? Or email, MSN, IE and Google Talk password? Or MS product key? This is the right tool for you!...
Download Password Genius 2008More info about Password Genius 2008
Atomic IE Password Recovery Thumbnail
Atomic IE Password Recovery 1.20
You have been using the AutoComplete feature for passwords in Internet Explorer for a long time and don’t remember the passwords. Our program helps to recover passwords saved by the...
Download Atomic IE Password Recovery 1.20More info about Atomic IE Password Recovery 1.20
FileMaker Key Thumbnail
FileMaker Key 7.9
FileMaker Key is an easy-to-use password recovery tool for FileMaker databases. It instantly unlocks all accounts for databases created with any version of FileMaker, including the latest...
Download FileMaker Key 7.9More info about FileMaker Key 7.9
FTP Password Recovery Master Thumbnail
FTP Password Recovery Master 2.5
FTP Password Recovery Master is an universal password recovery tool for FTP accounts. This FTP password finder is very easy to use and can recover passwords from all FTP clients including CuteFTP,...
Download FTP Password Recovery Master 2.5More info about FTP Password Recovery Master 2.5
PasswordBoy Thumbnail
PasswordBoy 0.1
PASSWORD Boy is a free ultra password generator. It allows you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower...
Download PasswordBoy 0.1More info about PasswordBoy 0.1
Program Selector Pro 98/ME Thumbnail
Program Selector Pro 98/ME 4.3
Replaces standard Windows 95/98/ME user interface (task bar, Start button, and icons) with user-configurable password-protected list box of program names. Individual programs can also be password...
Download Program Selector Pro 98/ME 4.3More info about Program Selector Pro 98/ME 4.3
Atomic RAR Password Recovery Thumbnail
Atomic RAR Password Recovery 1.20
Atomic RAR Password Recovery is a software designed to restore the password for the archives created by WinRAR. Due to the structure of the RAR-file, encryption in RAR is quite strong, so the...
Download Atomic RAR Password Recovery 1.20More info about Atomic RAR Password Recovery 1.20
MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery Thumbnail
MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery 1.61
MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery recovers login and password information (stored locally) for Microsoft MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger(Only 5.x version at present).
Download MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery 1.61More info about MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery 1.61
Exe Password Thumbnail
Exe Password 2004
Exe Password allows you to protect any EXE-file with its own password. In doing so, this password is stored directly in the EXE-file. It is extremely easy to add any password to a file: Just select...
Download Exe Password 2004More info about Exe Password 2004
Tukanas Password Generator Thumbnail
Tukanas Password Generator 1.0
Tukanas Password Generator is a peerless password generating software that is ultra fast, secure, powerful and flexible. With various algorithms built in, the user can also choose a random-number...
Download Tukanas Password Generator 1.0More info about Tukanas Password Generator 1.0
SecureWallet Thumbnail
SecureWallet 1.01
Passwords are a part of life! Just about everything - your ATM card, your house alarm, your calling card - requires a password. The PC is no exception. SecureWallet is a digital key chains for your...
Download SecureWallet 1.01More info about SecureWallet 1.01
Program Protector Thumbnail
Program Protector 4.2
Program Protector is unique, state of art security utility that allows you to password protect programs. You can password protect any Windows application. Program Protector is very easy to use and...
Download Program Protector 4.2More info about Program Protector 4.2
Akala Password Revealer Thumbnail
Akala Password Revealer 1.00
Akala Password Revealer is a powerful yet compact and easy to use password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate and secure...
Download Akala Password Revealer 1.00More info about Akala Password Revealer 1.00
MS Outlook Express Password Recovery Thumbnail
MS Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.21
MS Outlook Express Password Recovery is a program to recover the login and lost password for e-mail accounts and Outlook Express Identities. All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of...
Download MS Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.21More info about MS Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.21
Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer Thumbnail
Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer 1.2
The software recovers Internet Explorer passwords and logins to web sites (WebForms and HTTP/HTTPS protocol). Also it deletes and restores the Internet Explorer Content Advisor password. The...
Download Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer 1.2More info about Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer 1.2

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