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Silver Key 3.83
Silver Key was designed and optimized for sending data over the Internet. It produces self-decrypting parcels that can be sent safely. No matter if you are a computer professional, or new to...
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dual DVD copy Silver 3.14
Dual DVD copy Silver allows to make copy of the Video-DVD disc on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW media. For this purpose you need the DVD-RW or DVD+RW burning drive. dual DVD copy Silver was developed to...
Download dual DVD copy Silver 3.14More info about dual DVD copy Silver 3.14
Silver Pilot Thumbnail
Silver Pilot 1.12
Silver Pilot is designed for conversion negatives into positives within two steps: you just select a clear area in the margin of the film or clear film base and press the Start button. This...
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Gold Diamond Calculator Suite Thumbnail
Gold Diamond Calculator Suite 4.21
This all in one Suite Computes Gold, Diamonds, Silver, Sterling, Platinum, Wax, and Casting in Kilos, Oz, Dwt, grams, grains and pure ounces. Saves all calculations to file and will print. A must...
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7art Sun and Moon ScreenSaver Thumbnail
7art Sun and Moon ScreenSaver 1.5
Shining Sun and tender Moon will delight you very soon with its brilliance in the sky bringing us delicious pie. This free screensaver will let your desktop become a source of eternal pleasure with...
Download 7art Sun and Moon ScreenSaver 1.5More info about 7art Sun and Moon ScreenSaver 1.5
WCE FTP Client Thumbnail
WCE FTP Client 1.0.2
If you regularly transfer (upload or download) files and directories between your computer and/or your Pocket PC and the FTP server, then WCE FTP Client is the program for you; it makes the process...
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My Frame Panel ActiveX 2.01
This frame let you create appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions. All new default styles (XP, XP dark, Vista, Office 2003 and Media Player 10) and themes are supported...
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TerminalServiceAgent Thumbnail
TerminalServiceAgent 1.0
TerminalServiceAgent allows to enumerate and control network terminal services and processes and allows to terminate or log off remotely. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is...
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Treasure Vault 3D screensaver Thumbnail
Treasure Vault 3D screensaver 2.1
Find yourself in the King's well-guarded treasure vault filled with gold, jewelry and various artifacts. This screensaver will turn your desktop into a secret teleport gateway to the most sacred...
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HotSpot MWC Client
Easy to use HotSpot Client. You can start hotspoting installing HotSpot Client. It search to you available access points and connect you to the best This gives security to HotSpot Connection After...
Download HotSpot MWC Client info about HotSpot MWC Client
SSH Explorer SSH Client Thumbnail
SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.7
SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH client and terminal emulator with a Windows Explorer-like look and functionality, that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it...
Download SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.7More info about SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.7
BitKinex FTP Client Thumbnail
BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3
BitKinex integrates the functionality of an innovative FTP client, SFTP client and WebDAV client for Windows. In addition to features found in other popular FTP programs BitKinex introduces several...
Download BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3More info about BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3
Salsaroc Salsa Shines Thumbnail
Salsaroc Salsa Shines 1.10
Learn to dance Salsa Shines using sound,pictures and video clips. Try Level A dancing lessons for free. Follow the Silver Master and learn to dance with easy to follow Salsa video clips.
Download Salsaroc Salsa Shines 1.10More info about Salsaroc Salsa Shines 1.10
Simple FTP Client Thumbnail
Simple FTP Client 1.0.22
Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client featuring a simple interface that provides an easy way to download and upload files to a web server.
Download Simple FTP Client 1.0.22More info about Simple FTP Client 1.0.22
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Client Tracks 5.9
Client Tracks integrates contact managment with one of the most complete schedulers available. Thousands of clients, scheduled events, income and expenses may all be handled with this program....
Download Client Tracks 5.9More info about Client Tracks 5.9
nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server Thumbnail
nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server 3.4
Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server. nfsAxe software gives you high performance file sharing connectivity capabilities. nfsAxe enhances your networking performance and access. nfsAxe...
Download nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server 3.4More info about nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server 3.4
SoftX FTP Client Thumbnail
SoftX FTP Client 3.4
FTP Client for Windows and Pocket PC that gives you fast, easy and reliable way to transfer files and directories (upload or download) between your computer and FTP server. Simply drag files and...
Download SoftX FTP Client 3.4More info about SoftX FTP Client 3.4
LucidLink WiFi Client Thumbnail
LucidLink WiFi Client 2.2
LucidLink WiFi Client is easy to use & solves Wi-Fi connection issues. Automatically detects network security settings, alerts for incompatible settings and suspected security threats. Supports...
Download LucidLink WiFi Client 2.2More info about LucidLink WiFi Client 2.2
Mail Commander Thumbnail
Mail Commander 9.0
Mail-Commander is a super-fast email client that does it all - from the everyday sending and receiving of e-mails to managing mailing lists and customer requests. This email client has extensive...
Download Mail Commander 9.0More info about Mail Commander 9.0
Casting Calculator Thumbnail
Casting Calculator 3.21
Casting Calculator is an Ideal Tool for computing and converting Precious Metals and Alloys in Lost Wax Casting. A must for Jewelry Professionals, Manufactures, Hobbyists and Laymen. Just enter the...
Download Casting Calculator 3.21More info about Casting Calculator 3.21

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