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Air Messenger SNPP Thumbnail
Air Messenger SNPP 4.7.0
Air Messenger SNPP allows you to send alphanumeric pages to Pagers and Digital Cellular Phone via the Internet through a SNPP Gateway such as Nextel, PageMart, Skytel, and others.
Download Air Messenger SNPP 4.7.0More info about Air Messenger SNPP 4.7.0
MSN Name Tricks Thumbnail
MSN Name Tricks 1.0
With MSN Name tricks, you can apply different cool effects to your MSN Messenger nickname! The included tricks include increasing the size of your MSN Messenger name font, changing the default font...
Download MSN Name Tricks 1.0More info about MSN Name Tricks 1.0
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WebCamDV 2.1
WebCamDV allows you to use your DV camcorder as a Web cam in conjunction with any Instant Messenger application (AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger), letting you videoconference with or send...
Download WebCamDV 2.1More info about WebCamDV 2.1
MSN Emoticons Installer Thumbnail
MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2
MSN Emoticons Installer is a utility for preview, and install high qualitative additional emoticons for MSN Messenger.It has hundreds of MSN Messenger emoticons. You can select a favourite pack of...
Download MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2More info about MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2
SweetIM Thumbnail
SweetIM 2.1
SweetIM is a fun upgrade for MSN Messenger, that will allow you to easily add animations (winks), emoticons (smileys) and other cool content for FREE! SweetIM seamlessly integrates into...
Download SweetIM 2.1More info about SweetIM 2.1
MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer Thumbnail
MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer 3.5
Monitor and Sniff MSN Messenge chat conversations on all computers in network,It is able to record conversations automatically in real time,And export all intercepted messages to HTML files
Download MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer 3.5More info about MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer 3.5
Host Security Personal Thumbnail
Host Security Personal 1.40.115
Host Security Personal password-protects files, folders, and drives. It can also stop hackers from accessing you computer, prevent children from visitting unhealthy websites, and block MSN...
Download Host Security Personal 1.40.115More info about Host Security Personal 1.40.115
Emotions MSN Display Pictures Thumbnail
Emotions MSN Display Pictures 1.0
The MSN Emotions display pictures pack is a new set of free emotion avatars for MSN Messenger. This free pack contains lots of cool, funny emotion avatars for use in MSN Messenger 6 and 7!
Download Emotions MSN Display Pictures 1.0More info about Emotions MSN Display Pictures 1.0
1-Click SignupShield Suite Thumbnail
1-Click SignupShield Suite 4
Full life-cycle password manager, Anti Phishnig alert, disposable email address service & form filler. SignupShield generates a unique password and a disposable email address for every web site you...
Download 1-Click SignupShield Suite 4More info about 1-Click SignupShield Suite 4
Yahoo Password Recovery Thumbnail
Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0
Yahoo Password Recovery instantly recovers the stored or saved password to the Yahoo Messenger/Pager account on your local computer. Compatible with all versions of MSN Messenger on Windows...
Download Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0More info about Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0
Outlook LAN Messenger Thumbnail
Outlook LAN Messenger 5.0.0
Instant messaging software designed for use within Small and Corporate Office's Local Area Network. Features include Text & Group Chat, Voice Chat, File Transfer, Offline Messaging. Its...
Download Outlook LAN Messenger 5.0.0More info about Outlook LAN Messenger 5.0.0
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IRCXpro Messenger 1.2
IRCXpro Messenger supports all common IRC client functionality from full color support to DCC Send/Resume and DCC Chat. IRCXpro Messenger comes complicate with its own Contacts list where you can...
Download IRCXpro Messenger 1.2More info about IRCXpro Messenger 1.2
Fomine Observer Thumbnail
Fomine Observer 1.0
Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service (Windows NT/2000/XP). Unlike the Messenger Service it has a convenient interface. You can also run Fomine Observer on Windows 98/ME.
Download Fomine Observer 1.0More info about Fomine Observer 1.0
Bandoo Thumbnail
Bandoo 6.0
Bandoo is a FREE add-on that boosts your Instant Messenger (AIM, MSN & Yahoo!), Email and Facebook with tons of cool Emoticons, Nudges, Winks, Images and more. Bandoo upgrades your IM and FaceBook...
Download Bandoo 6.0More info about Bandoo 6.0
MSN Names Toolkit Thumbnail
MSN Names Toolkit 1.0
The MSN Names Toolkit provides cool names and nickname tools for MSN Messenger. These include a huge library of names for MSN, a nickname generator and cool nickname tricks such as increasing the...
Download MSN Names Toolkit 1.0More info about MSN Names Toolkit 1.0
Messenger Service SPAM Filter Thumbnail
Messenger Service SPAM Filter 1.0
Get rid of the Messenger Service spam without disabling the service. Messenger Service Spam Filter processes pop-up messages and shows/hides messages based on the user defined keywords and rules.
Download Messenger Service SPAM Filter 1.0More info about Messenger Service SPAM Filter 1.0
OnLAN Messenger Thumbnail
OnLAN Messenger 4.1.0
OnLAN Messenger is a client-server multi-user application for message and file exchange. This product has been specially developed for use inside corporate networks (enterprise instant messaging),...
Download OnLAN Messenger 4.1.0More info about OnLAN Messenger 4.1.0
New Year MSN Display Pictures Thumbnail
New Year MSN Display Pictures 1.0
With the new year quickly approaching, you can now welcome the new year within your MSN Messenger with this cool set of new year MSN Display pictures! Download this set of New Year display pictures...
Download New Year MSN Display Pictures 1.0More info about New Year MSN Display Pictures 1.0
Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger Thumbnail
Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger 1.3
Fantastic Christmas Emoticon installer adds the highest quality of emoticons ( also called emotions and smiles ) into your MSN Messenger account to use in your instant message conversations with...
Download Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger 1.3More info about Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger 1.3
Secret Messenger Thumbnail
Secret Messenger 2.1
Hide secret message into images and send it securely over the Internet. The images with hidden messages can still be viewed with any conventional image viewer software. The receiver can then use...
Download Secret Messenger 2.1More info about Secret Messenger 2.1

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