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Instant Check 4.0
If you are in business you need a program that allows you to create a check and deposit it without waiting for the mail to arrive or hoping that your client will remember to send you one. Instant...
Download Instant Check 4.0More info about Instant Check 4.0
Youve Got Mail Thumbnail
Youve Got Mail 1.4 build 1015
Shows Animation and Plays Sound when e-mail arrives. Tells you when it is time to start your e-mail client. You don't have to keep your default e-mail program running all the time. Check as many...
Download Youve Got Mail 1.4 build 1015More info about Youve Got Mail 1.4 build 1015
Mailbox Verifier Thumbnail
Mailbox Verifier 1.2
Mailbox Verifier (MV) is a small free software that will notify you about new messages arrived to your mailbox. The number of mailboxes MV can check is unlimited; it works with the POP3 protocol...
Download Mailbox Verifier 1.2More info about Mailbox Verifier 1.2
MailCheck 2000 Thumbnail
MailCheck 2000 2.1
Using this small utility you always receive your mail in proper time. It is not necessary to keep your mail program in memory. MailCheck 2000 will periodically check your mail boxes and perform...
Download MailCheck 2000 2.1More info about MailCheck 2000 2.1
HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway Thumbnail
HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0
HotApoc allows you to send and receive mail through any number of hotmail accounts using a real email program! - No more need to manually log in to check your Hotmail account. - Keep all your...
Download HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0More info about HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 2.0.0
iNetMail Demo Thumbnail
iNetMail Demo 1.0
iNetMail is a convenient web based solution for online e-mail management. It helps you check and organize any Internet mail account that uses POP3 services through your Web Browser. This is a...
Download iNetMail Demo 1.0More info about iNetMail Demo 1.0
Check Mail (POP) Thumbnail
Check Mail (POP) 1.0
Lightweight customisable new mail notification utility for POP accounts. Capable of launching your mail client or a web page of your choosing. Change the alert sound, display a notification box...
Download Check Mail (POP) 1.0More info about Check Mail (POP) 1.0
Webmail Retriever for msn Thumbnail
Webmail Retriever for msn 2.2.4
Send and receive mail through any number of msn accounts using a real email program! - No more need to manually log in to check your msn account. - Keep all your mail in one place. - No more...
Download Webmail Retriever for msn 2.2.4More info about Webmail Retriever for msn 2.2.4
InboxSpecialist Thumbnail
InboxSpecialist 2001
Delete unwanted large emails without downloading them. The great thing about InboxSpecialist is that you will see who sent you the email. You even have the possibility to read the text of the mail...
Download InboxSpecialist 2001More info about InboxSpecialist 2001
LinkWS Newsletter Thumbnail
LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 Turbo
With Newsletter you have a 7 in 1 tool to send HTML formated newsletters or any kind of e-mail to your subscribers, customers or other e-mail lists you have. It is a complete software with...
Download LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 TurboMore info about LinkWS Newsletter 2.1 Turbo
Mail Inspector Thumbnail
Mail Inspector 4.1
Mail Inspector can check for new emails and notify you. Delete mails directly on the server without downloading them. Includes some powerfull anti-spam filter. You also can send out quick-mails....
Download Mail Inspector 4.1More info about Mail Inspector 4.1
6 Top-algorithms; encodes files and mail; Digital Signature; Integrity-Check using SHA256; SecretKeys expansion and pre-encoding; Wipe-File Module, Auto-Encode, Paranoia Keyboard(c) and MUCH MORE!
Download CYPHER MILLENIUM 6.0.3More info about CYPHER MILLENIUM 6.0.3
MailBell Thumbnail
MailBell 2.20
MailBell is a utility that checks email on POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP, IMAP-SSL, MAPI and Hotmail-Email accounts. It can notify you of new mail, can detect undesired messages and lets you delete mail...
Download MailBell 2.20More info about MailBell 2.20
Internet Drummer! Thumbnail
Internet Drummer! 2.1
This program allows you to preview e-mails on multiple POP3 servers and delete unwanted messages before using e-mail client. It includes automatic spam filtering and serves as a notifier for both...
Download Internet Drummer! 2.1More info about Internet Drummer! 2.1
MailTalkX Thumbnail
MailTalkX 3.60
MailTalkX is a spam filtering and an email monitoring utility, supports multiple mailboxes, allows you to check each mailbox automatically at specified intervals and notify you of new mail with...
Download MailTalkX 3.60More info about MailTalkX 3.60
Dynamic Mail Communicator Thumbnail
Dynamic Mail Communicator 1
Dynamic Mail Communicator Ultimate Email Marketing Software and bulk email marketing tool to send personalised mail, follow-up autoresponders, check email, manage email list response tracking and...
Download Dynamic Mail Communicator 1More info about Dynamic Mail Communicator 1
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Email CHAOS 4.52
With E-mail CHAOS you can protect the privacy of your e-mail messages, files and folders by encrypting them so that only the intended recipients can read them. You can also digitally sign messages...
Download Email CHAOS 4.52More info about Email CHAOS 4.52
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EMail Sentry 1.50
EMail Sentry helps make e-mail more convenient and safer. EMail Sentry will optionally remove junk e-mail, and e-mails that contain viruses. It can send you reminders; save common replies; manage...
Download EMail Sentry 1.50More info about EMail Sentry 1.50
POP3 Cleaner PRO Thumbnail
POP3 Cleaner PRO 1.40
A powerful manual/automatic mailbox cleaning utility with anti-spam capabilities for Windows. You can preview and delete unwanted e-mail messages directly from the mail server and retrieve the rest...
Download POP3 Cleaner PRO 1.40More info about POP3 Cleaner PRO 1.40
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7Way Email Checker 1.82
7Way Email Checker is a full-featured email checker that alerts you when new messages arrive in your POP3 e-mail account. It's easy to configure and it offers advanced notification options. Very...
Download 7Way Email Checker 1.82More info about 7Way Email Checker 1.82

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