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Date and Time Calculator Thumbnail
Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000
Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information, moon phase information, birth date...
Download Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000More info about Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000
XE-Date Control Thumbnail
XE-Date Control 2.4
XE-Date Control is an ActiveX implementing convenient way to input date ranges and single dates. It can work in 2 modes: Single Date (like MS DatePicker) and Date Range (User can input 2 dates from...
Download XE-Date Control 2.4More info about XE-Date Control 2.4
DateMeNow Thumbnail
DateMeNow 1.2
An easy-to-use, highly customizable date-stamping utility which prints creation dates on images in automatic or manual modes. Includes a number of controllable settings such as font size, date...
Download DateMeNow 1.2More info about DateMeNow 1.2
AttributeMagic Free! Thumbnail
AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4
AttributeMagic Free! - utility to view and change file attributes: creation date, last access date and modify date. Drag&drop supported.
Download AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4More info about AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4
DateTray Thumbnail
DateTray 1.01
DateTray is designed to show todays date and calendar in your system tray. By clicking on the date in the system tray it will display a calendar on your screen and allow you to search forwards...
Download DateTray 1.01More info about DateTray 1.01
JDatePicker Thumbnail
JDatePicker 4.3
JDatePicker is a suite of date components for Swing, highly appreciated by Java developers for its richness of features, configurability and well crafted API. It contains an editable date picker, a...
Download JDatePicker 4.3More info about JDatePicker 4.3
AttributeMagic Standard Thumbnail
AttributeMagic Standard 1.22
Utility to change file / folder date-time stamps and attributes in batch mode. Powerful file renaming features. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates,...
Download AttributeMagic Standard 1.22More info about AttributeMagic Standard 1.22
Disk Auditor Net Thumbnail
Disk Auditor Net 2.2
Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator, deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc. Tally important file statistics for...
Download Disk Auditor Net 2.2More info about Disk Auditor Net 2.2
Quick Calendar Thumbnail
Quick Calendar 1.00
Quick Calendar displays the day of the month in your system tray. It's a very handy way to quickly know the date without having to move your mouse - the PC equivalent to having a date display on...
Download Quick Calendar 1.00More info about Quick Calendar 1.00
Pop-up Excel Calendar Thumbnail
Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.3.3
Working with dates in Excel is not easy. Should you enter dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy? Do you enter slashes or dashes or dots? Pop-up Excel Calendar solves all the headaches by adding a pop-up calendar to...
Download Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.3.3More info about Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.3.3
Advanced FileTimer Thumbnail
Advanced FileTimer 2.01
Advanced FileTimer (formerly known as FileTime) is a file management tool for modifying date and time stamps of your files. Repairs incorrect file dates by altering the time and date of selected...
Download Advanced FileTimer 2.01More info about Advanced FileTimer 2.01
Visual Photo Time Stamp Thumbnail
Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.2
Digital cameras store the time codes along with the JPG files, but the time codes are not visible when making hardcopies. Visual Photo Time Stamp (vPTS) extracts the time codes from the JPG files...
Download Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.2More info about Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.2
JPEG Japery Thumbnail
JPEG Japery 1.27
JPEG Japery automates common jpg file operations. This package can rename, alter case, list, set attributes, encypt, decrypt, wipe, delete and more. Support added for date picture taken, date...
Download JPEG Japery 1.27More info about JPEG Japery 1.27
12Ghosts ShowTime Thumbnail
12Ghosts ShowTime 8.11
Enhance your taskbar clock to show the date and a second time zone. You may display seconds smaller and the date in a different color, for example. Everything is configurable! With alarm, chrono,...
Download 12Ghosts ShowTime 8.11More info about 12Ghosts ShowTime 8.11
Easy Date Converter Thumbnail
Easy Date Converter 9.67
Adds a number of days to a date, calculates the number of days between two dates, and converts among dates in various solar calendars: Gregorian, Julian, ISO 8601 Week, Hermetic Leap Weak and...
Download Easy Date Converter 9.67More info about Easy Date Converter 9.67
Time Folder Thumbnail
Time Folder 1.0
Organize files to date time folder. group your file with date time.Folders are the best way to organize groups of files,if you want organize your files into subfolders named with file date and...
Download Time Folder 1.0More info about Time Folder 1.0
febooti fileTweak Thumbnail
febooti fileTweak 2.2
Change file / folder date, time (timestamp) and attributes. Change JPG date. Expands Windows "property" tabs to display additional file properties. View file and folder content (copy file list to...
Download febooti fileTweak 2.2More info about febooti fileTweak 2.2
DateInTray Thumbnail
DateInTray 1.5
DateInTray is a small freeware utility that displays the date in the Windows tray. The day of the month is displayed in the DateInTray icon, and the entire date can be seen in a tooltip popup by...
Download DateInTray 1.5More info about DateInTray 1.5
Date Calculator Thumbnail
Date Calculator 7.2
Performs various calendar related calculations. Displays calendar for any month of any year. Calculates number of days between any two dates, date X days from any date. Apointment reminder.
Download Date Calculator 7.2More info about Date Calculator 7.2
CSC Date Calculator Thumbnail
CSC Date Calculator 2.1
CSC Date Calculator counts the days before, after and between selected dates. Professional precision and super speed. Avoid the angst of counting and recounting days on your desk calendar and...
Download CSC Date Calculator 2.1More info about CSC Date Calculator 2.1

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