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Internet Secure Tunneling
Internet Secure Tunneling can forward otherwise insecure TCP traffic through encrypted SSH Secure Shell tunnel. You can secure for example DATABASE, POP3, SMTP and HTTP connections that would...
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IPTunnelManager 1.4
The program IPTunnelManager is used for IP tunneling with the options for compressing and encrypting traffic. Thus, the program makes it possible to create a secure connection for any application...
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ViPNet TUNNEL Thumbnail
ViPNet TUNNEL 2.8.11 SP4
ViPNet TUNNEL is designed for making protected virtual private networks between offices or LANs to communicate confidentially over a public network, like Internet or other network environment based...
Download ViPNet TUNNEL 2.8.11 SP4More info about ViPNet TUNNEL 2.8.11 SP4
Tunnelier Thumbnail
Tunnelier 4.22
Free SSH client for Windows with graphical SFTP; VT100, xterm; dynamic and manual TCP/IP tunneling; auto-reconnect; scriptable console-mode SFTP; single-click Remote Desktop forwarding; FTP-to-SFTP...
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wodSSHTunnel Thumbnail
wodSSHTunnel 1.7.2
wodSSHTunnel component is server-type component that will add secure tunneling (based on SSH protocol) capabilities to your application. Based on your rules and definitions, it will accept local...
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2X ApplicationServer Thumbnail
2X ApplicationServer 5.0
Tunnels Windows Applications onto remote desktops (including Linux and Mac): Install the application once on the server & eliminate the administration hassle of deploying the applications on all...
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YBridge Thumbnail
YBridge 1.1
YBridge allows: Home PC users: - Securely access your home PC from outside your home or while traveling - Map your home drive on the work PC (some bosses might not like it ;) -...
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Twilight Utilities Proxy Server Thumbnail
Twilight Utilities Proxy Server
Increase your privacy and freedom with this filtering proxy. You control site access for the kids while letting you view your webmail from work even when its blocked. Lets you help friends surf...
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Free Internet Eraser Thumbnail
Free Internet Eraser 2.30
Free Internet Eraser is an Internet privacy software that protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase internet history and past computer activities. Even though, many of the tasks can be...
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Private Shell SSH Client Thumbnail
Private Shell SSH Client 2.1
Private Shell is an advanced and easy-to-use SSH and SFTP client for Windows providing remote computer access with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. Major features include full SSH protocol support, public...
Download Private Shell SSH Client 2.1More info about Private Shell SSH Client 2.1
Internet Cyclone Thumbnail
Internet Cyclone 1.92
Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows registry settings wich will boost your...
Download Internet Cyclone 1.92More info about Internet Cyclone 1.92
NetConnect OCX Thumbnail
NetConnect OCX 1
The NetConnect OCX gives your application internet access, to enable you to provide updates, upgrades, support, etc via the internet. The NetConnect OCX does the following: Detects whether an...
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Internet TV & Radio Player Thumbnail
Internet TV & Radio Player 4.0
Internet TV & Radio Player allow you to watch directly over 950 free Internet TV channels and listen to 1000+ online radio stations on your PC. All Internet TV channels and radio stations are...
Download Internet TV & Radio Player 4.0More info about Internet TV & Radio Player 4.0
Popup Ad Shield Thumbnail
Popup Ad Shield 2.1
STOP those annoying Internet Popup Ads from displaying on your Internet Explorer Browser. Popup-Ad-Shield is a popup killer program designed to protect your internet surfing from annoying popup...
Download Popup Ad Shield 2.1More info about Popup Ad Shield 2.1
Internet Owl Thumbnail
Internet Owl 1.1.323
Internet Owl watches websites, and tells you when they have changed. The program runs unobtrusively in the background, monitoring websites for changes. When a change is detected, Internet Owl can...
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Cafe master 2.2
internet cafe software, gaming cafe software, cyber cafe, cyber cafe software, cybercafe software, internet cafe, internet caffe, internet cafe management software, internet cafe manager,...
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iNet Protector 4.11
With iNet Protector you can restrict Internet access or password protect Internet connection at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit Internet to work with...
Download iNet Protector 4.11More info about iNet Protector 4.11
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Internet EZ Search 3.0A
Internet EZ search lets your computer talk to all of the major Internet search engines at once! And it's designed to save you time and effort while searching the Internet and World Wide Web. Use...
Download Internet EZ Search 3.0AMore info about Internet EZ Search 3.0A
SySpeed Thumbnail
SySpeed 2.1
Unleash the power of the internet with SySpeed internet accelerator.SySpeed optimizes your TCP/IP setting in the windows registry to increase data throughout on the internet. (Boost your Internet...
Download SySpeed 2.1More info about SySpeed 2.1
Indigo Scape Home Thumbnail
Indigo Scape Home 1.0.474
Indigo Scape Home delivers advanced Internet security features at a budget price and is perfect for restricting Internet access to family and home office computers systems. Parents or home users...
Download Indigo Scape Home 1.0.474More info about Indigo Scape Home 1.0.474

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