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Box Shot 3D Thumbnail
Box Shot 3D 2.3
Box Shot 3D is a virtual cover creation utility. Allows to create photorealistic software boxes with a few mouse clicks. Extremely powerful and simple application. Support lighting, shadows,...
Download Box Shot 3D 2.3More info about Box Shot 3D 2.3
Jitbit RSS Feed Creator Thumbnail
Jitbit RSS Feed Creator 3.76
RSS feed creator, RSS feed editor, RSS maker - creates, and publishes RSS feeds and podcasts. Extremely easy to use and allows professional feed creation with minimal effort. Easily create RSS...
Download Jitbit RSS Feed Creator 3.76More info about Jitbit RSS Feed Creator 3.76
PC Invoice Pro Edition Thumbnail
PC Invoice Pro Edition 2.32
Designed for the small to medium sized business. PC Invoice covers everything from invoicing, estimating, and purchase order creation. With multiple marketing and manager reports you can track...
Download PC Invoice Pro Edition 2.32More info about PC Invoice Pro Edition 2.32
DVD Reauthor Professional Thumbnail
DVD Reauthor Professional 3.2
DVD Reauthor is a simple, easy and powerful tool for DVD Reauthoring. It works only with Sonic Scenarist.The main function of DVD Reathor is decomposing the DVD into video, audio and other files...
Download DVD Reauthor Professional 3.2More info about DVD Reauthor Professional 3.2
AG :: Aquarium - EleFun Game Thumbnail
AG :: Aquarium - EleFun Game 1.20
Amazing 3D Aquarium - Free 3D Tetris - new game from Free Game Series by Elefun Multimedia. This new series is a suite of Amazing 3D Aquarium landscapes, at the background of which runs Tetris -...
Download AG :: Aquarium - EleFun Game 1.20More info about AG :: Aquarium - EleFun Game 1.20
COM API Thumbnail
Virtual serial ports creation and management software. If it is needed to create and control virtual com-ports without writing system components use COM API. The software is easy-to-use & is...
Download COM API 2.4More info about COM API 2.4
Game Editor Thumbnail
Game Editor 1.4.0
Game Editor is an open source interactive multimedia tool for game development, with a simple and intuitive interface and a rich set of features. The software allows anyone to develop 2D games for...
Download Game Editor 1.4.0More info about Game Editor 1.4.0
Blade Master Thumbnail
Blade Master 1.0
Blade Master is a perfect side scrolling platform shooter with a brilliant blend of realistic graphics, blistering game play, an original soundtrack and an absorbing storyline. Try it and get...
Download Blade Master 1.0More info about Blade Master 1.0
Easy Survey Thumbnail
Easy Survey 1.3.3
Software for Microsoft Office, designed for survey creation and conducting. Uses the possibilities of Access for survey form creation and Outlook to send questionnaires and process respondent's...
Download Easy Survey 1.3.3More info about Easy Survey 1.3.3
ChromaticPuzzle Thumbnail
ChromaticPuzzle 1.0
ChromaticPuzzle is a very unique puzzle game, totally different from any other game of the kind. The purpose is reassembling plates of different color into tiles and rearranging the resulting tiles...
Download ChromaticPuzzle 1.0More info about ChromaticPuzzle 1.0
ViewletBuilder 4 Professional Thumbnail
ViewletBuilder 4 Professional 4.5.11
The leader in Flash content creation is now free to use when publishing to a FREE ViewletCentral discovery account. ViewletBuilder makes it possible for anyone to create compelling, animated...
Download ViewletBuilder 4 Professional 4.5.11More info about ViewletBuilder 4 Professional 4.5.11
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xLibUDF 1.2
Interbase UDF with additional functions for working with strings, mutex, creation GUID, debugging stored procedures and triggers.
Download xLibUDF 1.2More info about xLibUDF 1.2
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IMS Assesst Designer 1.4.5
IMS Assesst Designer is web-based assessment creation tool. Authors can create, modify, delete and rearrange questions in assessment with ease. This complies the IMS Project Question and Test...
Download IMS Assesst Designer 1.4.5More info about IMS Assesst Designer 1.4.5
OlapX Application Thumbnail
OlapX Application 4.0
OlapX is a sophisticated multidimensional database browsing tool. It enables the creation of multidimensional cubes and the interactive analysis, reporting and presentation of Microsoft's Analysis...
Download OlapX Application 4.0More info about OlapX Application 4.0
GlitterText Maker Thumbnail
GlitterText Maker 1.0
Created by popular demand, the Glitter Text Maker is a glitter system that allows for the creation of glittering text, without the need for third party software. The Glitter Text Maker can use any...
Download GlitterText Maker 1.0More info about GlitterText Maker 1.0
AttributeMagic Free! Thumbnail
AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4
AttributeMagic Free! - utility to view and change file attributes: creation date, last access date and modify date. Drag&drop supported.
Download AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4More info about AttributeMagic Free! 1.0.4
IRAISETUP is used to create installation packages for WINDOWS 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP and 2003. IRAISETUP generates an installation procedure very quickly and even web optimized installations...
Download IRAISETUP 1More info about IRAISETUP 1
Galactic Dream: Rage of War Thumbnail
Galactic Dream: Rage of War 1.0E
Galactic Dream: Rage of War is a 3D space-based Real Time Strategy with over 50 different units and buildings, each playing its own part in the galactic war. Two races will battle across the...
Download Galactic Dream: Rage of War 1.0EMore info about Galactic Dream: Rage of War 1.0E
Fast Watermark Thumbnail
Fast Watermark 1.2
The program is intended to protect the image through an overlay images on the watermark. The program allows you to create watermarks of graphics, text, edit and save them for later use. Main...
Download Fast Watermark 1.2More info about Fast Watermark 1.2
FlexGraphics Library Thumbnail
FlexGraphics Library 1.5
FlexGraphics - is a set of components for creating vector graphics applications under Borland Delphi. FlexGraphics library can be used for creation of plots, drawings, electrical, concept and...
Download FlexGraphics Library 1.5More info about FlexGraphics Library 1.5

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