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Creative Project Manager Thumbnail
Creative Project Manager 7.5
Creative Project Manager is the leading Project Management Software for the Creative and Design industry, specifically produced for design firms, in-house creative/MarCom departments, and creative...
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Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor Thumbnail
Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor 8.1.0
Create self-extracting ZIP files optionally with unbreakable AES encryption. The ChilkatZip Self-Extractor can safely encrypt the contents of your ZIP file with 128, 192, or 256-bit AES...
Download Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor 8.1.0More info about Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor 8.1.0
Easy Email Encryption Thumbnail
Easy Email Encryption 6.17
For encryption and decryption of email messages, optionally with attached files up to 100 KB in all. Keys are maintained in an encrypted list of keys for easy access and repeated use. Program is...
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I-Cipher AP Thumbnail
I-Cipher AP 2.2.2
I-Cipher is ideal for encryption/decryption of virtually any size of images, scanned documents, or electronic art. It proves to be an invaluable tool for image protection against unauthorized use...
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RoboForm2Go Thumbnail
RoboForm2Go 6.9.5
USB-key based Password Manager and Form Filler that does it all: automatically logs you in, securely stores internet and offline passwords, prints and backs up passwords, fills long forms from...
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Folx Thumbnail
Folx 2.0
Folx is not only common Internet download manager for Mac OS X, but also a torrent client. This makes Folx an essential download tool for everyone. Thanks to splitting downloads into threads...
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Softabar Password Manager Thumbnail
Softabar Password Manager 2.0.1
Softabar Password Manager is a tool for managing usernames and passwords to various services such as Internet emails, online shops, web servers and other accounts. The easy to use user interface...
Download Softabar Password Manager 2.0.1More info about Softabar Password Manager 2.0.1
CryptoForge Thumbnail
CryptoForge 3.3.0
This easy-to-use encryption software allows you to encrypt any file or folder, and to send secure email. Built-in file shredder. Password protect any kind of data, on any type of media, including...
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Radix Thumbnail
Radix 3.5
Radix enables you to manage customer information and resolve issues more efficiently by providing a centralized interface for contact management, customer service, time tracking, and electronic...
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Golden Cafe Manager Internet Cafe Software Client Thumbnail
Golden Cafe Manager Internet Cafe Software Client 3.7
Easy, efficient and innovative Internet Cafe management software. This software is designed to keep clients in your Internet cafe by providing an attractive and easy interface.
Download Golden Cafe Manager Internet Cafe Software Client 3.7More info about Golden Cafe Manager Internet Cafe Software Client 3.7
FileMax Cryptor Thumbnail
FileMax Cryptor 1.8
FileMax Cryptor is a very quick and easy to use encryption tool.The encryption method used will result in your files being ultimately impossible to run without first being decrypted.
Download FileMax Cryptor 1.8More info about FileMax Cryptor 1.8
Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes Thumbnail
Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.6
Our Internet cafe software offers easy solution for cyber cafe management. Any Time – Any Rate billing, point of sales, reports and membership services. Control client systems with one mouse...
Download Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.6More info about Cafe Manager Pro for Internet Cafes 3.8.6
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Thumbnail
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 9.2.0
Encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Any Media, any type of data. Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software. Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. Send secure e-mail....
Download Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 9.2.0More info about Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 9.2.0
CryptoExpert Express Thumbnail
CryptoExpert Express 2.1
CryptoExpert Express is easy to use on the fly encryption software with user friendly interface. Uses strong AES encryption to protect important files and has ability to create large encrypted...
Download CryptoExpert Express 2.1More info about CryptoExpert Express 2.1
SC Free FTP and Download Manager Thumbnail
SC Free FTP and Download Manager
Perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet. Ftp Client & Download Manager all in one. Features: Browser integration, Clipboard monitoring, Upload/Download resume ,...
Download SC Free FTP and Download Manager info about SC Free FTP and Download Manager
LockMyText Thumbnail
LockMyText 1.1
LockMyText is a text encryption software security tool used for sending and receiving private messages and documents securely. LockMyText has its own built-in encryption security key for use in...
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Backup To Neighbor Thumbnail
Backup To Neighbor 1.0
Backup To Neighbor is a peer-to-peer backup program. It works like traditional server/client backup program. Users backup their files to a server computer. It is a freeware. Features include...
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NCP Secure Entry CE Client Thumbnail
NCP Secure Entry CE Client 2.2
NCP Secure Entry Client for communication with any IPSec gateway (compatibility list at The Client supports Windows CE, incl. Mobile 5, and any wired or wireless network. A...
Download NCP Secure Entry CE Client 2.2More info about NCP Secure Entry CE Client 2.2
Cryptainer PE Encryption Software Thumbnail
Cryptainer PE Encryption Software
Cryptainer PE Encryption software ensures total privacy of your data. It encrypts and protects documents, pictures, entire folders. One can send encrypted email to anyone. Cryptainer's powerful...
Download Cryptainer PE Encryption Software info about Cryptainer PE Encryption Software
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IRCXpro Messenger 1.2
IRCXpro Messenger supports all common IRC client functionality from full color support to DCC Send/Resume and DCC Chat. IRCXpro Messenger comes complicate with its own Contacts list where you can...
Download IRCXpro Messenger 1.2More info about IRCXpro Messenger 1.2

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