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Application as Service 4.0.160
The functionality of Application as Service is aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service. With this utility you can easily run application as service at system boot without...
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Execian 1.00
Execian executes documents one by one with an application. If no application is specified, the default action on each document is performed. This application helps you, for example, to compress...
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Service - O - Matic 2.06
Service - O - Matic enables you to run almost any windows application as a windows service. Take advantage of the windows service system and run your application in the background, even when no...
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IndieVolume allows every application have separate volume/mute level, independent from other applications volume/mute level. It allows per-application selection of playback device. It allows to...
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AlwaysUp 7.5
AlwaysUp runs your application 24/7 as a Windows Service, monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime. It will automatically restart your application if it crashes, hangs, or uses too much...
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BoxedApp SDK 2.1
A developer library, an application virtualization tool, to create virtual files, virtual registry entries and values. BoxedApp SDK creates a virtual file system. Add virtual files and your...
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Event Log Manager
After installation Windows journals System, Security and Application at once are created. Event Log Manager allows: To create new journals (as Application). To redistribute sources of events...
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ColdFusion Hosting 1.0
ColdFusion Hositing Data Management Tool stores all site log in, email, FTP data is a single location for efficient managment of mission critical server and application data. Application requires...
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Krento 3.0
If you want to bring some order on your Windows desktop, easy find and launch your favorite applications or have an instant access to your favorite websites then Krento is what are you looking...
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PPC-PROTECT - the system of software protection for Windows CE (PocketPC) applications with ARM core, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions.
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Inactive Shut Down Control for MS Access 2.0
Inactive Shut Down Control is a hidden MS Access form that is opened in your application to keep track of periods of user inactivity. When the period of inactivity exceeds a specified limit, a...
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This application let's you grab (capture) a piece of your screen. The image is then automatically uploaded to the GrabOutâ„¢ server by the application and it instantly returns a URL for you to...
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OpenExpert 1.30
Ever had the problem that you frequently use a file type with more than one application, while you can only associate one application with that file type? OpenExpert let's you configure a "open...
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OneOnly 1.0.0
Create single instance applications linked to associated file types. When the associated file is double clicked it will be handled by a single instance of your application. This lets your...
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2X ApplicationServer 5.0
Tunnels Windows Applications onto remote desktops (including Linux and Mac): Install the application once on the server & eliminate the administration hassle of deploying the applications on all...
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XBundler 1
Embed Dynamic Link Libraries DLLs and data files to be embedded inside an application, simplifying the distribution of your application to your customers and avoiding your DLLs and data files being...
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VBOLock 4.0
Create try-before-you-buy software, or run/time-limited demos. Bind powerful copy protection to any VB application. Wrap powerful protection to any application in seconds using just a few lines of...
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WebFace Application Builder 1.0
WebFace Application Builder is an easy to use software that allows you to create robust win-32 bit software without any programming at all. All you need to know is how to write HTML, not even that...
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AGILITA-Client 1.5
Database application development with automated Codegeneration, Features: entire presentation and functionality of the application is stored on one database server, contains a complete developer...
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NuSphere PhpDock Thumbnail
NuSphere PhpDock 1.5
PhpDock is a Web Server and Web Browser combined in one, small executable, capable of both running PHP scripts and rendering resulting HTML in the application Window. All you need to do is place...
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