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Softdiv Alarm Clock 3.5
Softdiv Alarm Clock is an alarm program which supports Mp3, Wav and Midi files.It is designed to be used to perform various of actions and functions such as play music files, clock, stop watch,...
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MP3 PC Alarm Clock Thumbnail
MP3 PC Alarm Clock 2.1
MP3 PC Alarm Clock is an easy to use computer alarm clock software. The multi-alarm can be set for many different times, and you can use your favorite MP3 songs or audio files as the ring sound for...
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Alarm Notes Thumbnail
Alarm Notes 2.0
Alarm Notes! Reminders without the clutter! Easily hide all notes at once, or roll up to a single line. Set an alarm for each note for ontime alerts, or repeat them daily, by day of the week,...
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Perfect Alarm Clock Thumbnail
Perfect Alarm Clock 1.0
With this free alarm clock you can set infinite number of alarms, triggering on a one time, daily, or weekly basis. Perfect Alarm Clock can play any audio file you specify (mp3, wma, etc).
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Alarm Clock Maker Thumbnail
Alarm Clock Maker 2.00
Make your own clock with your favorite image picture and share it with your frields just by click a button. No Plug-in required by the end user Set the background picture transparent. Allow...
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Talking Headlines Alarm Clock Thumbnail
Talking Headlines Alarm Clock 1.0b
The Talking Headline News Alarm Clock (THAC) is an intelligent productivity aid for MS/Windows that will wake you up by actually speaking the current news headlines with your computer's voice,...
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IRCAS Alarm Thumbnail
IRCAS Alarm 4.0.8
IRCAS Alarm is a PC based camera alarm system and surveillance system for Windows. It detects motion from cameras, uses loops for PIRs, smoke detectors, magnetic switches etc and on/off key...
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CC-CAM alarm system Thumbnail
CC-CAM alarm system 1.4.3
CC-CAM is an alarm system based on movement detection. It can send to you the photos of the intruder on your cell phone by email. CC-CAM records the pictures on hard drive send them to your email...
Download CC-CAM alarm system 1.4.3More info about CC-CAM alarm system 1.4.3
ToDo95 Thumbnail
ToDo95 4.32
Four separate modes of operation including "To Do List", "Appointments", "Log", and "Calendar" modes.Graphically displays scheduled ToDo's or Appointments on a monthly calendar right on the days...
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TalkCTalk Talking Clock Thumbnail
TalkCTalk Talking Clock 1.0
Talking Alarm Clock in 11 languages. Allows setting voices and timer alarm, you can now shutoff your monitor and your speakers will announce the time when you are fast asleep. Also has a digital...
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Alarm Timer Thumbnail
Alarm Timer 1.2
Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC. If your need alarm on your trip, you can use your PC as an alram clock.
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Atrise Wakeup Thumbnail
Atrise Wakeup 2.1.0
With Atrise Wakeup you can get additional awakening reliably if you cannot awake with using your alarm-clock, cell phone, PDA or other alarm-clock device. Do not slumber away your important event....
Download Atrise Wakeup 2.1.0More info about Atrise Wakeup 2.1.0
Ping Alarm Thumbnail
Ping Alarm 1.4
This small and convenient program is intended for watching for presence computers at the Net. The program sends the request with a specific interval, determined by the user to selected computer.
Download Ping Alarm 1.4More info about Ping Alarm 1.4
WakeMeUp! Thumbnail
WakeMeUp! is an advanced alarm clock that can resume your PC from Stand By mode and give alarms without being started or if nobody is logged on. It allows flexible alarm configuration with 9...
Download WakeMeUp! info about WakeMeUp!
Klick-N-View Reminders Thumbnail
Klick-N-View Reminders
Klick-N-View Reminders is a simple, flexible tool you can use at home or in the office to remind yourself of reoccurring and one-time events. Additional features include a printable To Do list and...
Download Klick-N-View Reminders info about Klick-N-View Reminders
II_WorldTimeClocks Thumbnail
II_WorldTimeClocks 1.5
Get an overview of time in different countries. Analog and digital style, different clock style and colors. Automatic adjustment and graphic display of Daylight Time Saving for every country and...
Download II_WorldTimeClocks 1.5More info about II_WorldTimeClocks 1.5
Bizimg WakeUp Thumbnail
Bizimg WakeUp
The Bizimg WakeUp is an alarm clock with a photo screensaver and music alarms. Do not slumber away your important event! Simply start the program on your PC or a notebook. You can select a...
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ClockWallpaper Thumbnail
Did you ever think of nice-looking clock on your desktop? Please take a look at the screenshot to see what kind of clocks you will have. ClockWallpaper - clock and wallpaper for Desktop. This alarm...
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RayMedi DE Thumbnail
RayMedi DE 5.5
RayMedi offers comprehensive distribution management software for wholesale, distributors and traders. RayMedi software's products are used by 8000+ customers across India. 30 days trial available....
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LAVClock Thumbnail
LAVClock 2.3
LAVClock is the multifunctional astrological digital clock that increases the possibility of standard clock Windows. Clock can be in a taskbar or on a desktop. The universal alarm clock allows to...
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