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10_Best_Toolbars Thumbnail
10_Best_Toolbars 1.00.0
The best clollection of IE toolbars, 10 ad free toolbars in all, easy to download and install or uninstall. Each toolbar has a set of unique features with zero advertizing, fully customizable with...
Download 10_Best_Toolbars 1.00.0More info about 10_Best_Toolbars 1.00.0
FC Forum Internet Toolbar Thumbnail
FC Forum Internet Toolbar 1.0
The FC Forum Toolbar is a very easy to install toolbar that keeps you connected with the FileCluster Forum community.The toolbar can be installed either on Internet Explorer or Firefox in a few...
Download FC Forum Internet Toolbar 1.0More info about FC Forum Internet Toolbar 1.0
Toolbar Button Builder Thumbnail
Toolbar Button Builder 1.0
Toolbar Button Builder helps you generate Buttons for the Google Toolbar. Google Toolbar buttons are placed within the Toolbar. This custon buttons are based on XML and let you navigate and search...
Download Toolbar Button Builder 1.0More info about Toolbar Button Builder 1.0
Matrimonial Toolbar Thumbnail
Matrimonial Toolbar 2.0
The Matrimony Toolbar, is an exciting new feature brought to you by BharatMatrimony.com. Once installed under the address bar of your Internet browser you can search millions of profiles, see the...
Download Matrimonial Toolbar 2.0More info about Matrimonial Toolbar 2.0
ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software Thumbnail
ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software 1.5
With ToolbarStudio you can build fully branded toolbar in minutes. ToolbarStudo allows to create ActiveX installers for the toolbar, ready to publish on your site. Also it allows to create toolbar...
Download ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software 1.5More info about ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software 1.5
Macte! Safari toolbar Thumbnail
Macte! Safari toolbar 1.2
For years, the majority of Mac OS users have faithfully surfed the internet using Appleā€™s Safari browser, enjoying its stability, speed and ease of use. But Safari has suffered from one distinct...
Download Macte! Safari toolbar 1.2More info about Macte! Safari toolbar 1.2
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Atomic Toolbar 0.05
Easy to use toolbar for Internet Explorer with great features for Atomic Toolbar. There is cleaner for cookies. There is search engines. You can stop annoying pop-ups. If you are looking for a word...
Download Atomic Toolbar 0.05More info about Atomic Toolbar 0.05
Dogpile Search Toolbar Thumbnail
Dogpile Search Toolbar 2.0.1
The Free Dogpile Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads. The Toolbar includes informational tools...
Download Dogpile Search Toolbar 2.0.1More info about Dogpile Search Toolbar 2.0.1
MacMonete Toolbar Thumbnail
MacMonete Toolbar 1.0
It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required. What does the MacMonete toolbar let me do? Instant access to...
Download MacMonete Toolbar 1.0More info about MacMonete Toolbar 1.0
Proxy Toolbar for MSIE Thumbnail
Proxy Toolbar for MSIE 1.4
Proxy Toolbar is an easy to use plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer, which offers the most convenient way to manage multiple proxy configurations and switch between proxies.
Download Proxy Toolbar for MSIE 1.4More info about Proxy Toolbar for MSIE 1.4
InstantBar Thumbnail
InstantBar 1.0
InstantBar allows to create toolbar, replace text with links in IE, show popups, set favorite links to your visitors, set homepage by your choice, instant installation from browser, real time...
Download InstantBar 1.0More info about InstantBar 1.0
HotBlox Toolbar Thumbnail
HotBlox Toolbar 0.4
Search from anywhere on the web! Pop-Up blocker, weather, movies, google, alltheweb, groups, find my IP address, page rank, and more! 100% Freeware! No SPYWARE!
Download HotBlox Toolbar 0.4More info about HotBlox Toolbar 0.4
Click4Choice Toolbar Thumbnail
Click4Choice Toolbar 1.8
The Click4Choice toolbar is a free browser add-on that allows you to use Click4Choice search from anywhere on the web. You can Search the Directory or Our Web Meta Engine plus choose to search...
Download Click4Choice Toolbar 1.8More info about Click4Choice Toolbar 1.8
Searchmaze Toolbar Thumbnail
Searchmaze Toolbar 2.7
Save time and surf faster. Searchmaze Toolbar gives instant access to search results from over 150 top sites in more than 20 categories, from Google to eBay. Includes a Personal Search Engine, RSS...
Download Searchmaze Toolbar 2.7More info about Searchmaze Toolbar 2.7
Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) Thumbnail
Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) 2.1.
This toolbar will be useful for Delphi developers as a framework for their own toolbars. Main features: 1. XP themes support. 2. Chevron support. 3. Resizeable textbox. 4. Solved the...
Download Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) 2.1.More info about Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) 2.1.
GooDelete History Thumbnail
GooDelete History 1.0
Google Toolbar will clear all items in its search history. Use GooDelete History to select an item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. Search the web using any type of...
Download GooDelete History 1.0More info about GooDelete History 1.0
AutoCAD Table - { Cadig TableBar 2.4 } Thumbnail
AutoCAD Table - { Cadig TableBar 2.4 } Freeware
{ Cadig TableBar 2.4 } integrates all table commands in AutoCAD 2005/2006 into a toolbar, just like the table toolbar in Microsoft Word. It's *Freeware*. == http://www.cadig.com==
Download AutoCAD Table - { Cadig TableBar 2.4 } FreewareMore info about AutoCAD Table - { Cadig TableBar 2.4 } Freeware
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CyberDefender Security Toolbar 1.0
By downloading CyberDefender Security Toolbar you can join the CyberDefender Anti Phising network. CyberDefender Security Toolbar ensures you are protected against known threats, scam sites,...
Download CyberDefender Security Toolbar 1.0More info about CyberDefender Security Toolbar 1.0
Storm ToolBar Thumbnail
Storm ToolBar 1.4
InterNet Explorer Toolbar, with which you can accomplish your search on various search machines. The search for Amazon is integrated, further Shops will follow in the next versions. Place...
Download Storm ToolBar 1.4More info about Storm ToolBar 1.4
Groowe Toolbar for Firefox Thumbnail
Groowe Toolbar for Firefox 1.5.5
Search Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and other search engines directly from your browser's toolbar. Toolbar is customized for each search engine included in the list so with each engine you will...
Download Groowe Toolbar for Firefox 1.5.5More info about Groowe Toolbar for Firefox 1.5.5

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