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SP TimeSync 2.3
SP TimeSync is a multilingual program which lets you synchronize your computer's clock with any Internet atomic clock (time server). It uses a high precision network time protocol (NTP) which...
Download SP TimeSync 2.3More info about SP TimeSync 2.3
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Express Timesync 3.7.1478
Express Timesync is an ideal solution for keeping the computer clock accurate. It supports SNTP, TIME, DAYTIME, LANMAN, SOCKS 4/5, HTTP protocols. The program provides plenty of options for...
Download Express Timesync 3.7.1478More info about Express Timesync 3.7.1478
a-TimeSync Thumbnail
a-TimeSync 3.3
a-TimeSync is a handy utility to keep your PC clock accurate. It periodically checks and synchronizes your computer clock with a NIST atomic time server, or synchronizes time between computers. It...
Download a-TimeSync 3.3More info about a-TimeSync 3.3
FG Time Sync Thumbnail
FG Time Sync
Synchronize clock on your Desktop PC or Notebook, using time server available on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet or LAN. It can work as client or server. The protocol currently supported are...
Download FG Time Sync info about FG Time Sync

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