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My Reference Book Thumbnail
My Reference Book 2.2.0
The Program will enable to use the text records sorted hierarchically. It can be rather convenient as a telephone directory, a reference book, guide and means of storage of other different...
Download My Reference Book 2.2.0More info about My Reference Book 2.2.0
CompDoctor Thumbnail
CompDoctor 3.3
CompDoctor is a reference tool that helps you fix bugs without having to take your PC out for repair or having to pay for someone to come in your home and do it for you. Browse through symptoms and...
Download CompDoctor 3.3More info about CompDoctor 3.3
AimingClick Instant Search Thumbnail
AimingClick Instant Search 4.0
AimingClick gives you an instant reference, translation, explanation for any word selected in any Windows program. AimingClick is a reference book, dictionary, encyclopedia and other information...
Download AimingClick Instant Search 4.0More info about AimingClick Instant Search 4.0
Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar Thumbnail
Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar 2.0
MicroCalendar is an reference calendar (i.e. not for recording appointments, but rather for quickly looking up dates). Use it to easily check calendar dates without messing up your computer's...
Download Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar 2.0More info about Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar 2.0
TRANSDAT (Deutsch) Thumbnail
TRANSDAT (Deutsch) 11.04
TRANSDAT Geosoftware executes coordinate transformations and geodetic datum shifts between lots of coordinate and reference systems of Germany, Europe, America, Australia and world wide.
Download TRANSDAT (Deutsch) 11.04More info about TRANSDAT (Deutsch) 11.04
GEODLL32 (English) Thumbnail
GEODLL32 (English) 10.12
In the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL geodesic functions like coordinate transformation, datum changes, meridian strip changes, distance calculation, map functions, Digital Elevation Models ec. are...
Download GEODLL32 (English) 10.12More info about GEODLL32 (English) 10.12
MyInfo Thumbnail
MyInfo 3.60
MyInfo is a personal-reference information manager. It helps you collect, organize, edit, store, and find personal-reference information like documents, random notes, and project-support materials....
Download MyInfo 3.60More info about MyInfo 3.60
Apellicon nDex Thumbnail
Apellicon nDex 1.1
Articles can be grouped by keyword, Author or Models. Allows linking of articles by citation, author, keyword, year etc. Multiple projects allowed. Reference and quotation extraction etc.
Download Apellicon nDex 1.1More info about Apellicon nDex 1.1
Grammar Slammer with Checkers Thumbnail
Grammar Slammer with Checkers 4.2
English grammar + spelling checkers with help + reference that answers the questions the checkers raise. Complete reference integrated with checkers. Handy + Easy. Use as tutor, too. Windows 95 or...
Download Grammar Slammer with Checkers 4.2More info about Grammar Slammer with Checkers 4.2
Talker English Dictionary Thumbnail
Talker English Dictionary 1.0
Gives you instant access to an invaluable reference book (english dictionary) directly from Windows. In addition to all the techniques you would use with a printed book (looking up a word,...
Download Talker English Dictionary 1.0More info about Talker English Dictionary 1.0
TCP IP Quick Guide Thumbnail
TCP IP Quick Guide 2005
A "Must have" quick reference for IT/Networking professionals and students who are learning and using TCP/IP; Comprehensive Protocol Map focus on TCP/IP protocol suite and key layer 1 and 2 LAN,...
Download TCP IP Quick Guide 2005More info about TCP IP Quick Guide 2005
Ethernet Quick Guide Thumbnail
Ethernet Quick Guide 2006
A "Must have" quick reference for IT/Networking professionals and students who are learning and using Ethernet; Comprehensive Map focus on Ethernet related protocol; Detailed info on Ethernet LAN,...
Download Ethernet Quick Guide 2006More info about Ethernet Quick Guide 2006
Rhymesaurus Thumbnail
Rhymesaurus 2.0
Rhymesaurus is the perfect English language reference tool for songwriters, poets, marketers, and anyone who needs to find rhyme words, synonyms, definitions, similar sounding words, or words based...
Download Rhymesaurus 2.0More info about Rhymesaurus 2.0
INFLIGHT Referencer Thumbnail
INFLIGHT Referencer 1.50
Create APA style, Harvard format and custom bibliography reference lists fast. Add citations to documents, essays and research reports easily as you type them. Organize your research and work...
Download INFLIGHT Referencer 1.50More info about INFLIGHT Referencer 1.50
TLB2HTML Thumbnail
TLB2HTML is a COM and ActiveX reference documentation tool, providing full HTML Help authoring in , MSDN-like, CHM format. It supports smart 'See Also' link generation, language filtering, pop-up...
Download TLB2HTML 2.4More info about TLB2HTML 2.4
1-Click Answers for Mac OS X Thumbnail
1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1.0.19
Answers.com is the first answer engine -- the ultimate online reference library, with quick accurate dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, bios, tech terms, news, sports, weather, and much more in...
Download 1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1.0.19More info about 1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1.0.19
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide Thumbnail
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.0
Complete ebook tutorial and reference on shell scripting with Bash in Linux/UNIX/BSD. This is the equivalent of a 850-page printed book. It is an official Linux Documentation Project...
Download Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.0More info about Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.0
SwordSearcher Bible Software Thumbnail
SwordSearcher Bible Software
Bible study software, with hundreds of volumes of books and references. Far more than a Bible concordance, offering powerful search and study tools. Includes commentaries, dictionaries, maps,...
Download SwordSearcher Bible Software info about SwordSearcher Bible Software
SEVENPAR (English) Thumbnail
SEVENPAR (English) 1.06
The program produces a set with seven parameters of the sapatial Helmert transformation valid for an specific area, with which then arbitrary coordinates of the area can be transformed from one...
Download SEVENPAR (English) 1.06More info about SEVENPAR (English) 1.06
My Time Card Thumbnail
My Time Card 1.8.0
Track your hours worked with My Time Card for one or many jobs. Keep a record of when you worked and export or print your data quickly for reference.
Download My Time Card 1.8.0More info about My Time Card 1.8.0

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