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MP3Sorter Thumbnail
MP3Sorter 5.86
Sort MP3 Music easily? Then you need MP3 Sorter. This full-automatic MP3 sorter will sort and organize all your MP3 music - fast and exactly as you want. MP3 sorter is full-automatic ~ MP3 sorter...
Download MP3Sorter 5.86More info about MP3Sorter 5.86
Dual Audio CD Manager Thumbnail
Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0
Dual Audio CD Manager lets you organize your music collection; it supports music in various formats (CD, LP, MiniDisc, MP3, etc).
Download Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0More info about Dual Audio CD Manager 3.0
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MusShell 3.0.1
Enhance audio CDs or music files with information and pictures. Apply a consistent structure to all your music and related pictures, info. Organize music into libraries by themes and subthemes....
Download MusShell 3.0.1More info about MusShell 3.0.1
Audio Tag Editor Thumbnail
Audio Tag Editor 1.9
Audio Tag Editor is a powerful tool to edit tags of audio files. The program also allows you to create play lists, rename files, organize folders, export data to different formats, and more.
Download Audio Tag Editor 1.9More info about Audio Tag Editor 1.9
Music Label 2007 Thumbnail
Music Label 2007 13.2
Music Label 2007 helps you organize your music collection. The track info on your CDs is indexed automatically, using the online Gracenote CDDB2 music database. Images of your CD covers are...
Download Music Label 2007 13.2More info about Music Label 2007 13.2
Smart Music Manager Thumbnail
Smart Music Manager 1.0
Smart Music Manager is a powerful program, which allows you to organize your music collection and always keep order in there. Smart Music Manager has user-friendly interface and is extremely easy...
Download Smart Music Manager 1.0More info about Smart Music Manager 1.0
Music Organizer Deluxe Thumbnail
Music Organizer Deluxe 3.7
Music Organizer Deluxe, cd data management and cataloging software. Music database inventory software for collectors, audiophiles, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs to organize, catalog, and manage...
Download Music Organizer Deluxe 3.7More info about Music Organizer Deluxe 3.7
Bossa Thumbnail
Bossa 3.2
Bossa lets you do more with iTunes. Automate your music and schedule what you want to hear and when. Generate Playlists for your iPod. Find artist information and pictures. Tag and organize your...
Download Bossa 3.2More info about Bossa 3.2
IM Collector Music Edition Thumbnail
IM Collector Music Edition 1.45
IM Collector is the music organizer software for Windows intended to gather, store and catalogue the information about your music collection and to represent the resultant music database in the...
Download IM Collector Music Edition 1.45More info about IM Collector Music Edition 1.45
iTunes Thumbnail
iTunes is the easiest way to organize, share and listen to music on your computer. Find new favorites. Manage your growing library. Enjoy iTunes, the best friend an iPod will ever have!...
Download iTunes info about iTunes
Audiophiler Music Organizer Thumbnail
Audiophiler Music Organizer 1.6.3
Audiophiler will organize your music collection. Loading your collection is quick and easy. Put a CD in your CD-ROM drive and Audiophiler will download the information from the Internet.
Download Audiophiler Music Organizer 1.6.3More info about Audiophiler Music Organizer 1.6.3
Mp3 File Editor Thumbnail
Mp3 File Editor 3.1
Mp3 File Editor is a program that can help and assist the music enthusiast to organize and maintain his or her digital music collection. support for both ID3 tagging versions, batch editing,...
Download Mp3 File Editor 3.1More info about Mp3 File Editor 3.1
Advanced MP3 catalist Thumbnail
Advanced MP3 catalist 1.2
Do you have hundreds MP3 files? Thousands? You cannot remember all information about your music file. Advanced MP3 catalist will help you. With this easy to use tool you can: 1) Scan your drives to...
Download Advanced MP3 catalist 1.2More info about Advanced MP3 catalist 1.2
File Sorter Thumbnail
File Sorter 4.73
Sort files, sort music, sort photos of all types - easily with File Sorter. All files will be sorted, renamed and organized with such powerful file sorter, file renamer and file organizer as File...
Download File Sorter 4.73More info about File Sorter 4.73
File Rules Thumbnail
File Rules 1.0
File Rules just uses keywords to organize and store any kind of files and documents. Is a new kind of file manager that totally replaces traditional hierarchical tree structures normally used to...
Download File Rules 1.0More info about File Rules 1.0
Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! Thumbnail
Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20
Download Virtuosa, the ultimate all-in-one music and movie software jukebox to rip, import, play, burn, mix, convert, organize, normalize, visualize, print and enjoy music and movies. Burn 1000...
Download Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20More info about Virtuosa all-in-one music and movie jukebox ! 5.20
Keyword and Idea Manager Thumbnail
Keyword and Idea Manager 1.2
Keyword and Idea Manager helps you organize your thoughts and ideas quickly. Ease to use interface lets you organize your ideas simply by tapping and dropping. Key Features: * Ease to...
Download Keyword and Idea Manager 1.2More info about Keyword and Idea Manager 1.2
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor Thumbnail
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor 2.75
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor is an audio file tags organizer. It helps you organize large music collections. With MP3 Tags Editor, you can edit music tags, rename audio files, folders, export data to...
Download Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor 2.75More info about Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor 2.75
mp3Tag Pro Thumbnail
mp3Tag Pro 7.0
mp3Tag Pro is a professional MP3 tag editor for audio files of various types. Provide your music with information about titles, artists, albums, genres, with lyrics and cover art. Rename and...
Download mp3Tag Pro 7.0More info about mp3Tag Pro 7.0
Money Organizer Deluxe Thumbnail
Money Organizer Deluxe 2.8
Complete program that will help you organize your bank accounts and investment information, personal web accounts, money related web resources. Intuitive interface and ready-to-use templates make...
Download Money Organizer Deluxe 2.8More info about Money Organizer Deluxe 2.8

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