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MenuXP 1.0
MFC classes to add flat, non-3D, “water-color” Office XP-style UI controls to MFC apps. They have no raised edges, do not look “pushed in” when clicked, and are not...
Download MenuXP 1.0More info about MenuXP 1.0
PDF Sorter Thumbnail
PDF Sorter 1.1
If you often work with documents and specifications in the PDF format, you are most probably a professional in your field. And most probably, as a professional, you do not like to waste your time....
Download PDF Sorter 1.1More info about PDF Sorter 1.1
Omega Enterprise Manager Thumbnail
Omega Enterprise Manager 2.1.1
Omega Enterprise Manager is a complete administrative solution for your business. You can manage all aspects of your company from a single comprehensive, highly flexible software application.
Download Omega Enterprise Manager 2.1.1More info about Omega Enterprise Manager 2.1.1
Daily Hours Thumbnail
Daily Hours 1.2
If you need to somehow keep track of how many hours you have been at work or at some task this program does it for you, in the background. This is incredibly useful if your place of work has no...
User Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 Stars
Download Daily Hours 1.2More info about Daily Hours 1.2
Eye of Horus with JRE Thumbnail
Eye of Horus with JRE 1.0
Have you ever left your home to go on vacation, and wished you could keep an eye on it? Have you ever left your office and wondered if someone goes in it while you are gone? Have you ever wanted to...
Download Eye of Horus with JRE 1.0More info about Eye of Horus with JRE 1.0
PakMed PakNeurol 05 Thumbnail
PakMed PakNeurol 05 1.0.0
A neurological assessment developed in/for Microsoft Office Access and is based on the Pittsburgh Brain Stem Score (PBSS) can be used to assess brain stem reflexes in a comatose patient. Write Dr...
Download PakMed PakNeurol 05 1.0.0More info about PakMed PakNeurol 05 1.0.0
ProfileLink Thumbnail
ProfileLink 3.00
ProfileLink is an application designed to help laptop users easily use their computer at different locations. When using a laptop computer at different locations, e.g. office, home and travelling...
Download ProfileLink 3.00More info about ProfileLink 3.00
Contact Your Client Professional Thumbnail
Contact Your Client Professional 3.4
CONTACT YOUR CLIENT PROFESSIONAL is designed specifically for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Includes: Contact Manager, Invoicing, Products, Inventory, Commissions, Gateway Interaction, Pars...
Download Contact Your Client Professional 3.4More info about Contact Your Client Professional 3.4
Parabens Decryption Collection Thumbnail
Parabens Decryption Collection 2.5
Recover passwords for over 30 applications. This advanced password recovery suite recovers passwords for Office, Windows XP/2000/NT, Access, Outlook, ZIP, VBA Visual Basic, Acrobat, Quicken,...
Download Parabens Decryption Collection 2.5More info about Parabens Decryption Collection 2.5
ABF Password Recovery Thumbnail
ABF Password Recovery 1.74
ABF Password Recovery is a program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords for many well known programs and popular file formats. All passwords are recovered instantly. Passwords for programs can...
Download ABF Password Recovery 1.74More info about ABF Password Recovery 1.74
NZip POS Thumbnail
NZip POS 3.0
NZip 3.0 POS Software is Point-Of-Sales Billing application which includes Front-sales console and Back-office console in Single application bundle and is Ideal for Medium and Small Business sales...
Download NZip POS 3.0More info about NZip POS 3.0
TablePro Thumbnail
TablePro 3.28
TablePro is a simple and convenient database for the home or office. With TablePro you can add and edit data easily, sort by any field you wish, perform fast, powerful searches, customize the...
Download TablePro 3.28More info about TablePro 3.28
Office Diary 2006 Thumbnail
Office Diary 2006 3.25
Office Diary 2006 is a software application that provides you with the ability of adding, editing and managing your diary,document, publish writings, pictures, and features all under the tree...
Download Office Diary 2006 3.25More info about Office Diary 2006 3.25
LanTalk NET Thumbnail
LanTalk NET 3.6.5417
LanTalk NET office instant LAN messenger that work in LAN, WAN or Internet, without any server or internet access! Designed for business networks. In fact, in most companies LanTalk NET replaced...
Download LanTalk NET 3.6.5417More info about LanTalk NET 3.6.5417
Cool Find Thumbnail
Cool Find 1.14
Cool Find is a powerful file search and management tool for Windows on PC & LAN. Many practical and cool functions make the work more effective and convenient. Have a try, and you 'll love it!
Download Cool Find 1.14More info about Cool Find 1.14
3CX Phone System for Windows Free Thumbnail
3CX Phone System for Windows Free 7.0
3CX VOIP Phone System FREE edition is a SIP-based IP PBX developed for Windows. Easy to install and configure, it eliminates phone wiring and allows hot desking. Lowers call costs via VoIP...
Download 3CX Phone System for Windows Free 7.0More info about 3CX Phone System for Windows Free 7.0
AttributeMagic Pro Thumbnail
AttributeMagic Pro 2.3
Utility to change date-time and attributes of files-folders, JPG-EXIF images, MS Office document properties. You can set, reset attributes, copy, flexible manipulate date-time stamps, include...
Download AttributeMagic Pro 2.3More info about AttributeMagic Pro 2.3
SharpWidgetsUI Thumbnail
SharpWidgetsUI 1
SharpWidgetsUI offers a set of lightweight Windows Forms components including Office 2007 ribbon and look and feel. SharpWidgetsUI is built on top of an innovative component infrastructure, which...
Download SharpWidgetsUI 1More info about SharpWidgetsUI 1
e-Daily Assistant Thumbnail
e-Daily Assistant 1.0
Your personal organizer as your home organizer or office organizer. The program includes: personal profile, planning calendar, events, notes, goals, project, credit cards, simple account, weekly...
Download e-Daily Assistant 1.0More info about e-Daily Assistant 1.0
FreeBusy Thumbnail
FreeBusy 1.20.0049
MS Outlook add-on automatically creates and sends e-mail auto reply from your custom templates based on your Status (Away, Out of Office, Vacation, custom Status or Calendar Free/Busy time). Allow...
Download FreeBusy 1.20.0049More info about FreeBusy 1.20.0049

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