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Mailing List Wizard Thumbnail
Mailing List Wizard 1.38.111
Excluding duplicated emails in mailing lists, correcting misspelled addresses using unique algorithms, filtering lists by varied criteria, merging lists, making exclusions, supplement lists with...
Download Mailing List Wizard 1.38.111More info about Mailing List Wizard 1.38.111
Best Mass Mailer Thumbnail
Best Mass Mailer 10.21
Communicate with customers using the best mass mailer and your mailing lists. Manage mailing lists, create email messages and send them over the Internet as well as maintain a number of separate...
Download Best Mass Mailer 10.21More info about Best Mass Mailer 10.21
Speedo Talking Shopper Thumbnail
Speedo Talking Shopper 1.3
Let Talking Shopper help you create shopping or errand lists fast! Choose from almost 500 items already in the database. Edit or add as many items as you want in 25 categories. Print lists to take...
Download Speedo Talking Shopper 1.3More info about Speedo Talking Shopper 1.3
Excel List Compare Thumbnail
Excel List Compare 1
This useful Excel macro will compare rows in 2 lists of data based on 1 to 3 columns in each list. Creates a new spreadsheet with matched rows from original 2 lists merged together on the same row...
Download Excel List Compare 1More info about Excel List Compare 1
ListPro Thumbnail
ListPro 1.40
Using 12 Programmable Listboxes with Unlimited Entries one can organize Meetings, Purchases, ToDo List, Grocery Lists, Items to Make, Items Repair, Maintenence Lists, Email/ URL Lists, Plus any...
Download ListPro 1.40More info about ListPro 1.40
TheDowser Professional Thumbnail
TheDowser Professional 5.3.0
No longer do you need to mess around with several different keyword research tools or visit different websites for your keyword research. EVERYTHING you need to research keywords and manage your...
Download TheDowser Professional 5.3.0More info about TheDowser Professional 5.3.0
ListManager Thumbnail
ListManager 8
Whether you want to sort URL- or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge and substract unsubscribed lists, our List Manager can do it all! Particularly it stands out by its brilliant...
Download ListManager 8More info about ListManager 8
APT Mailing Assistant Thumbnail
APT Mailing Assistant 3.70
Manages mailing lists, Christmas card lists, etc. and prints envelopes and labels with POSTNET bar codes on Windows compatible printers. Supports custom labels, non-U.S. addresses, import/export,...
Download APT Mailing Assistant 3.70More info about APT Mailing Assistant 3.70
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LoneMail Taskmaster 2006 1.00
LoneMail Taskmaster2006 is a program that is designed to help you manage links and e-mail lists. Can edit, add items to the list, remove items from the lists and filter the lists according to...
Download LoneMail Taskmaster 2006 1.00More info about LoneMail Taskmaster 2006 1.00
awContactMgr Thumbnail
awContactMgr 1.0
awContactMgr lets you manage personalized information about people. This includes the ability to track Contact, Events, Lists, Codes, Notes. The application allows you to edit and browse...
Download awContactMgr 1.0More info about awContactMgr 1.0
Bulk Email mailer Thumbnail
Bulk Email mailer 7.07
This is the only mailer you need! It organises your recipient lists and sends personalized messages, supports multiple SMTP accounts, offers subscribe/unsubscribe and search facilities,...
Download Bulk Email mailer 7.07More info about Bulk Email mailer 7.07
MP3 Playlister Thumbnail
MP3 Playlister 1.0
MP3 Playlister turns creating a play list of your MP3's into a simple task. Browse to add files from anywhere on your PC and adjust the order to your linking. Play lists can then be sent to...
Download MP3 Playlister 1.0More info about MP3 Playlister 1.0
ListGrabber Standard Thumbnail
ListGrabber Standard 2011
ListGrabber is a powerful list building tool that enables you to build your own targeted business mailing lists and prospect lists from various publicly available sources of free leads on the...
Download ListGrabber Standard 2011More info about ListGrabber Standard 2011
Word List Maker Thumbnail
Word List Maker 6
Create word lists from web sites on the fly. Sort lists by word frequency to immediately discover which words are most common. This is a great tool for making vocabulary lists for children to learn...
Download Word List Maker 6More info about Word List Maker 6
ListMaker Thumbnail
ListMaker 3.3
Very easy to use, generates customizable text or HTML lists of your files. It can catalog removable disks, search for files and tell you what disk they are on, search for duplicates in your list,...
Download ListMaker 3.3More info about ListMaker 3.3
Mootal eMailer Thumbnail
Mootal eMailer 1.00
Send unlimited number of personalized e-mails, with emails list management. easy to start your communication campaign. Mootal eMailer software is a smart engine to clean and optimize your Lists
Download Mootal eMailer 1.00More info about Mootal eMailer 1.00
Magic Notes Thumbnail
Magic Notes
Write down ideas, to do lists or anything you can think of regardless of what application you're running with this easy to use sticky note application. Includes a vast number of useful features...
Download Magic Notes info about Magic Notes
Smart To-Do Thumbnail
Smart To-Do 1.3.32
Improve the way you manage your everyday tasks. This application will make it easy and fun for you to keep track of your tasks and goals by going much further than the usual To-Do lists go.
Download Smart To-Do 1.3.32More info about Smart To-Do 1.3.32
Kurlo Thumbnail
Kurlo 1.3
Kurlo is a free, portable contact manager designed for personal and business use. Features include multiple user capability, individual and organization contact management, address lists, email...
Download Kurlo 1.3More info about Kurlo 1.3
SmartBook Basic Thumbnail
SmartBook Basic 1.0
SmartBook Basic is a simple, straightforward tool to help you organize your contacts. It runs on Microsoft Access 2000, Access 2002 (XP), or Access 2003. Create your own lists of...
Download SmartBook Basic 1.0More info about SmartBook Basic 1.0

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