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InstallEssen Thumbnail
InstallEssen 2.51
Quick and easy Installer,generates self-extracting executable file using simple Wizard.Full featured support includes specification of Environment Variables,Registry Entries,License,Password...
Download InstallEssen 2.51More info about InstallEssen 2.51
Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ Thumbnail
Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ 2.0
This eBook "How to Create an eBook Using Visual C++" is a step-by-step illustrated guide for Visual C++ developers to learn how to compile HTML files into a Windows executable, therefore avoiding...
Download Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ 2.0More info about Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ 2.0
JExeWrapper Thumbnail
JExeWrapper 1.0
If you are a Java programmer then it is very likely you had to play around with batch files to make your programs run on Windows systems. And it is safe to say you ran into problems such as the...
Download JExeWrapper 1.0More info about JExeWrapper 1.0
LockAnEXE Thumbnail
LockAnEXE 1.21
LockAnEXE is a program lock and simple EXE securtiy tool that lets you 'lock' down executable files including setup files and prevents them from being opened.
Download LockAnEXE 1.21More info about LockAnEXE 1.21
VarySafe Thumbnail
VarySafe 1.2.0001
VarySafe is a document security program which makes data encapsulated stand alone executable viewer. This viewer decrypts and view internal data only in the authenticated computer by using...
Download VarySafe 1.2.0001More info about VarySafe 1.2.0001
BDLLScan Thumbnail
BDLLScan 1.03
Simple tool that list all DLL referenced by an executable or a library file. The "bovine" is dued because of the not so refined analysis done on the file to be examined. BDLLScan simply search for...
Download BDLLScan 1.03More info about BDLLScan 1.03
Smack Thumbnail
Smack 1.06
Smack can record keystrokes, mouse clicks and movements into a macro and play this macro back with three types of speed (High-Normal-Low). with Normal speed keystrokes and mouse clicks are played...
Download Smack 1.06More info about Smack 1.06
The Enigma Protector Thumbnail
The Enigma Protector 3.00
A professional system for licensing and protecting executable files for Windows. The Enigma Protector is an essential tool for every developer of commercial software and shareware for Windows.
Download The Enigma Protector 3.00More info about The Enigma Protector 3.00
Easy HTML Autorun Builder Thumbnail
Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0
Application Pack designed for easy creation of HTML-based CD/DVD autorun menu that will run from CD/DVD ROM automatically. From this menu you can open documents in their default programs, run...
Download Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0More info about Easy HTML Autorun Builder 1.6.0
ByteRun Protector for PHP Thumbnail
ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.7
Protect your PHP scripts from being pirated. Convert your PHP scripts to unreadable but still executable form. * Complete PHP4 and PHP5 support * 100% secure bytecode protection * Works...
Download ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.7More info about ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.7
Active@ Floppy Recovery Thumbnail
[email protected] Floppy Recovery 2.0
Floppy Recovery is a tool for data recovery from removable devices like floppies. Recovery software can create disk images and manipulate with these images . Floppy Self-Extractor allows you to...
Download Active@ Floppy Recovery 2.0More info about Active@ Floppy Recovery 2.0
Visual Web Task Thumbnail
Visual Web Task 4.0
Visual Web Task creates executable spiders for your download and extraction needs. You can teach your spider how to negotiate logins , proxies and security pages to download and extract what You...
Download Visual Web Task 4.0More info about Visual Web Task 4.0
TurboSplit Thumbnail
TurboSplit 1.2
TurboSplit is an ultra-fast file splitter that splits large files into smaller pieces so that they can fit on multiple tape cartridges, CDs, ZIP diskettes, floppy disks, or be sent by email. Pieces...
Download TurboSplit 1.2More info about TurboSplit 1.2
WebSiteZip Packer Thumbnail
WebSiteZip Packer 1.3
Welcome to WebSiteZip Packer - a powerful and easy-to-use application which will help you to turn a single HTML page or a group of pages into a solid executable file (.exe) with an integrated...
Download WebSiteZip Packer 1.3More info about WebSiteZip Packer 1.3
iAutoRun Thumbnail
iAutoRun 6.18
iAutoRun lets you run application automatically without login to Windows. Features: 1. Helps to run application without login. 2. Helps to run executable files without login. 3. Helps to run...
Download iAutoRun 6.18More info about iAutoRun 6.18
Exe Lockdown Thumbnail
Exe Lockdown 5.01
Exe Lockdown has been designed for PC users who require proactive protection against the installation of unauthorized applications. Allowing users to run trusted applications, while preventing the...
Download Exe Lockdown 5.01More info about Exe Lockdown 5.01
AppLauncher Thumbnail
The program is designed to simplify your life as a System Administrator in an organisation when it comes to distributing new versions of your application (as a single executable) across multiple...
Download AppLauncher info about AppLauncher
CHAOS Self Decryptor Thumbnail
CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9
CHAOS Self-Decryptor is the utility program that creates self-decrypting chaos files for Windows. Self-decrypting chaos files are executable programs (EXEs) that contain a chaos file and the...
Download CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9More info about CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9
12Ghosts Zip Thumbnail
12Ghosts Zip 8.11
Fast compression, compatible with the ZIP industry standard. 12-Zip has Explorer integration, a graphical window to handle files, supporting different compression methods, and features a small...
Download 12Ghosts Zip 8.11More info about 12Ghosts Zip 8.11
EasySetup Thumbnail
EasySetup 3.13
Can package and install not only programs but all kind of files. Includes install and uninstall support for Windows 9.x/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Compress all files in a single executable. Setup...
Download EasySetup 3.13More info about EasySetup 3.13

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