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Connecction Keeper Thumbnail
Connecction Keeper 7.2
A free program that makes sure your ISP won't drop your internet connection due to inactivity. Connection Keeper can also be set up to automatically close those annoying pop-up windows.
Download Connecction Keeper 7.2More info about Connecction Keeper 7.2
Direct dial XP Thumbnail
Direct dial XP 4
If You want to share your internet connection. This useful program will give you the ability to take control of your modem. Dial / hangup remotely,monitor connection, switch between connection,...
Download Direct dial XP 4More info about Direct dial XP 4
Advanced Connection Viewer Thumbnail
Advanced Connection Viewer 1.0
Advanced Connection Viewer is a security solution that simplifies the task of monitoring active connections (HTTP, TCP / IP, UDP, etc.) on the target machine. Advanced Connection Viewer displays...
Download Advanced Connection Viewer 1.0More info about Advanced Connection Viewer 1.0
Reconnector Thumbnail
Reconnector 1.0
Reconnector is a simple dos application that lets you reset your connection every X amout of seconds and is also able to reconnect a broken connection automatically.It has a connectivity checker...
Download Reconnector 1.0More info about Reconnector 1.0
Connect and Shar Thumbnail
Connect and Shar 1.02
A tiny server and client application allows you to connect and disconnect the Internet connection from any machine on the network. Works with any type of Internet connection be it standard...
Download Connect and Shar 1.02More info about Connect and Shar 1.02
X-NetStat Thumbnail
X-NetStat 5.1
X-NetStat displays information on your Internet and / or network connections in realtime. Details of each connection are shown in a list called the connection table, including remote hostnames and...
Download X-NetStat 5.1More info about X-NetStat 5.1
IYSoft Dial-Up Connection Thumbnail
IYSoft Dial-Up Connection 2.0
IYSoft Dial-Up Connection is a utility monitoring your Dial-Up Networking connections. IYSoft Dial-Up Connection creates a detailed log of all your connections, including time, length, costs and...
Download IYSoft Dial-Up Connection 2.0More info about IYSoft Dial-Up Connection 2.0
URL Monitor Thumbnail
URL Monitor 1.0 6.22.2007.3
You only need to add a URL, then the software will work automatically. It will check whether the connection is successful, and will issue warning messages when connection lost. Shows the current...
Download URL Monitor 1.0 6.22.2007.3More info about URL Monitor 1.0 6.22.2007.3
Pocket Connection Manager Thumbnail
Pocket Connection Manager 3.01
With Pocket Connection Manager you can connect your cell phone to your Pocket PC and get online no matter where you are. Take advantage of new 3G high-speed data and GPRS networks to get your email...
Download Pocket Connection Manager 3.01More info about Pocket Connection Manager 3.01
Internet Cyclone Thumbnail
Internet Cyclone 1.92
Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows registry settings wich will boost your...
Download Internet Cyclone 1.92More info about Internet Cyclone 1.92
EC Praxis 3J Thumbnail
EC Praxis 3J 5.0
EC PRAXIS 3J is an entirely new software application, for the analysis and design of steel connections according to EC3. It is a powerful tool which can function either as a stand-alone application...
Download EC Praxis 3J 5.0More info about EC Praxis 3J 5.0
CiDial Thumbnail
CiDial 2.3
CiDial will automatically redial a specified Dial-Up Networking connection until your computer is connected to the Internet then monitor the connection and automatically reconnect if the connection...
Download CiDial 2.3More info about CiDial 2.3
Speed Master Thumbnail
Speed Master 1.0
Speed Master is a tool that improves your internet connection speed and prevents you from being disconnected. Default registry settings are not optimized to give maximum performance. By optimizing...
Download Speed Master 1.0More info about Speed Master 1.0
NetConnect OCX Thumbnail
NetConnect OCX 1
The NetConnect OCX gives your application internet access, to enable you to provide updates, upgrades, support, etc via the internet. The NetConnect OCX does the following: Detects whether an...
Download NetConnect OCX 1More info about NetConnect OCX 1
Internet Access Manager Thumbnail
Internet Access Manager 1.22
Internet Access Manager is a nifty utility you can use to schedule and simplify your access to the Internet or to another computer. It is designed to help you make and maintain Internet connection...
Download Internet Access Manager 1.22More info about Internet Access Manager 1.22
MITCalc - Shaft connection Thumbnail
MITCalc - Shaft connection 1.15
Geometric designs and strength checks of shaped connections of shafts with hubs (keys, splines). Application supports Imperial and Metric units, is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN BS, JIS standards and...
Download MITCalc - Shaft connection 1.15More info about MITCalc - Shaft connection 1.15
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 Thumbnail
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 2.00
Many windows settings work in harmony in order to get the best out of an available internet connection. Unfortunately, the factory design of these settings means that they are often not optimised...
Download Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 2.00More info about Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 2.00
MITCalc - Force shaft connection Thumbnail
MITCalc - Force shaft connection 1.14
Geometric designs and strength checks of force couplings of shafts with hubs (Interference fit, clamping connection). Application supports Imperial and Metric units and is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN...
Download MITCalc - Force shaft connection 1.14More info about MITCalc - Force shaft connection 1.14
Turbo Connect Thumbnail
Turbo Connect
Turbo Internet Connection Optimize the Internet Experience Turbo Connect asks you to select your connection type (dialup modem, cable modem, DSL, etc) and then performs a live analysis of your...
Download Turbo Connect info about Turbo Connect
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My Secure ISP Firefox Plugin 1.10
Secure your Web browser, your IM client, your Web e-mail, and your wireless connection with MySecureISP.com. Browse the Web safe and secure from insecure wireless hotspots, hackers trying to snoop...
Download My Secure ISP Firefox Plugin 1.10More info about My Secure ISP Firefox Plugin 1.10

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