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Always On Time Thumbnail
Always On Time 1.12
Always On Time is a Windows Internet utility that will connect to one of a dozen public atomic time servers and fetch the current atomic clock time value. If a difference in time is discovered...
Download Always On Time 1.12More info about Always On Time 1.12
1st Atomic Time Thumbnail
1st Atomic Time 3.0
1st Atomic Time adjusts your system time with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick the fastest and most reliable servers and adjust the time automatically at regular intervals. 1st Atomic...
Download 1st Atomic Time 3.0More info about 1st Atomic Time 3.0
Atomic Clock ScreenSaver Thumbnail
Atomic Clock ScreenSaver 2.8
The first accurate atomic clock was built in 1955. Since when the second being based on atomic time and defined as the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the...
Download Atomic Clock ScreenSaver 2.8More info about Atomic Clock ScreenSaver 2.8
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer Thumbnail
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.6.7
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a utility for people who need their computers to use exact time. The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock...
Download Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.6.7More info about Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.6.7
On-Time Atomic Clock Sync Thumbnail
On-Time Atomic Clock Sync 2.0
Synchronize your PC's clock with internet atomic clock servers
Download On-Time Atomic Clock Sync 2.0More info about On-Time Atomic Clock Sync 2.0
Chronograph Lite Thumbnail
Chronograph Lite 6.61
Chronograph is a simple award-winning program which keeps your computer's clock accurate using atomic time servers. It is able to replace the standard Windows clock in the system tray and uses...
Download Chronograph Lite 6.61More info about Chronograph Lite 6.61
Atomic Popup Wizard Thumbnail
Atomic Popup Wizard 1.01
Atomic Popup Wizard is a powerful and easy to use popup creator for your website. It is the ulitmate way to promote your special offer on your website and ensure everyone has seen it.
Download Atomic Popup Wizard 1.01More info about Atomic Popup Wizard 1.01
Atomic CD Email Extractor Thumbnail
Atomic CD Email Extractor 4.00
Atomic CD Email Extractor is a simple, yet powerful solution for extracting email addresses from your CDs and DVDs. You can specify which files and folders to search and which ones to skip.
Download Atomic CD Email Extractor 4.00More info about Atomic CD Email Extractor 4.00
No Screenshot
Atomic Screensaver 2.0
The Atomic Screensaver protects your monitor with ever-changing animated effects and colorful patterns. The screensaver can be controlled using HotKeys to change or select the current mode and...
Download Atomic Screensaver 2.0More info about Atomic Screensaver 2.0
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Atomic Toolbar 0.05
Easy to use toolbar for Internet Explorer with great features for Atomic Toolbar. There is cleaner for cookies. There is search engines. You can stop annoying pop-ups. If you are looking for a word...
Download Atomic Toolbar 0.05More info about Atomic Toolbar 0.05
Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer Thumbnail
Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 1.0
With Gtech ATS (Atomic Time Synchronizer), a .NET application, you can synchronize your computer's clock with atomic clock servers over the internet. It uses the network time protocol (NTP) which...
Download Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 1.0More info about Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 1.0
Atom Time Synchronizer Thumbnail
Atom Time Synchronizer 3.7.9
is a useful and handy utility to keep your PC clock accurate. It can periodically check and synchronize your computer time with a NIST atomic time server, or synchronize time between computers,...
Download Atom Time Synchronizer 3.7.9More info about Atom Time Synchronizer 3.7.9
Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery Thumbnail
Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery 2.90
Recovers passwords to mail boxes saved in the e-mail client installed at your PC in less than no time. Suits to any e-mail client: Outlook, WindowsMail, Eudora, The Bat, etc. It doesn't matter. The...
Download Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery 2.90More info about Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery 2.90
Atomic Launch Tray Thumbnail
Atomic Launch Tray 1.01
Atomic Launch Tray is a program that sits in your system tray and allows you to add links to your favorite programs or websites and access them quickly from the system tray.
Download Atomic Launch Tray 1.01More info about Atomic Launch Tray 1.01
2D_Gold_Clock Screensaver Thumbnail
2D_Gold_Clock Screensaver 2.5
Synchronize your local PC time using the Atomic Clock servers. Collection of various analog clock with synchronization your local PC time using the Internet(Uses the National Institute of Standards...
Download 2D_Gold_Clock Screensaver 2.5More info about 2D_Gold_Clock Screensaver 2.5
Atomic Word Password Recovery Thumbnail
Atomic Word Password Recovery 1.30
Atomic Word Password Recovery is the tool of choice, it supports most of the document encryption algorithms available in MS Office. 100% password recovery for most of file types.
Download Atomic Word Password Recovery 1.30More info about Atomic Word Password Recovery 1.30
12Ghosts Synchronize Thumbnail
12Ghosts Synchronize 8.11
Synchronize your PC time with an atomic clock via the Internet. This program simplifies the task to the outmost and sits conveniently to access in the startbar tray. 12-Sync adjusts the time...
Download 12Ghosts Synchronize 8.11More info about 12Ghosts Synchronize 8.11
ClockDummy! Thumbnail
ClockDummy! 1.9
ClockDummy! is an atomic clock, which can say the time with a real human voice, and enhance your standard taskbar clock with custom graphics, month, and seconds. ClockDummy! is the ultimate addon...
Download ClockDummy! 1.9More info about ClockDummy! 1.9
WebTimeSync Thumbnail
WebTimeSync 6.1
The WebTimeSync 6 time synchronizer connects to one of the NIST atomic clock time servers to synchronize your computer's clock. The Version 6.1 release removes the dependency on COMDLG32.OCX (and...
Download WebTimeSync 6.1More info about WebTimeSync 6.1
1Click Time Synchronizer Thumbnail
1Click Time Synchronizer 1.1.2
1Click Time Synchronizer helps you keep your system time always accurate by synchronizing it with the highest precision atomic clock servers. The program features attractive skinnable interface and...
Download 1Click Time Synchronizer 1.1.2More info about 1Click Time Synchronizer 1.1.2

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