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GNU Gatekeeper 2.2.6
A free H.323 gatekeeper to build VoIP networks, route calls and do authentication and accounting.
Download GNU Gatekeeper 2.2.6More info about GNU Gatekeeper 2.2.6
SnapCRM Thumbnail
SnapCRM 1.0
Open source web-based CRM software. Includes Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Service and Support, Collaboration, Business Analytics, Mobile CRM, SyncML synchronization, Outlook...
Download SnapCRM 1.0More info about SnapCRM 1.0
Billion NetWatcher Thumbnail
Billion NetWatcher 1.1
The main purpose of Billion NetWatcher 1.1 is to make you able to collect the information about your network traffic. Those people who use Unix-family operating systems can do this with native OS...
Download Billion NetWatcher 1.1More info about Billion NetWatcher 1.1
CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard Thumbnail
CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 4.02
CyberMatrix Timesheets is an easy to use Windows-based multi-user timesheet entry application that allows employees to quickly enter their time spent on various projects and tasks.
Download CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 4.02More info about CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 4.02
GSA Buchhalter Thumbnail
GSA Buchhalter 1.7.6
A software for all self-employed persons and small companies who do not need a double entry bookkeeping. The program is easy to use and is not overloaded with unnecessary functions.
Download GSA Buchhalter 1.7.6More info about GSA Buchhalter 1.7.6
FlexRent Thumbnail
FlexRent 1.5.2
If you rent vacation properties, and are in need of flexible software, FlexRent may be just what you're looking for. FlexRent is the database application that you can modify according to your...
Download FlexRent 1.5.2More info about FlexRent 1.5.2
CyberLeader - Internet Cafe Software Thumbnail
CyberLeader - Internet Cafe Software 4.0
Easy, efficient and innovative Internet Cafe management software. This software is designed to keep clients in your Internet cafe by providing attractive and easy interface. It has the ability to...
Download CyberLeader - Internet Cafe Software 4.0More info about CyberLeader - Internet Cafe Software 4.0
SendLater Thumbnail
SendLater 2.20
SendLater is a convenient e-mail scheduler allowing you to handle your e-mail correspondence in a timely manner even if you are away from your computer. As long as your computer is online, your...
Download SendLater 2.20More info about SendLater 2.20
My-Invoices Thumbnail
My-Invoices 2.10.8
Designed for the small business this invoicing software tracks opportunities, invoices, quotations, purchase orders as well as products, age debtors and recurring invoicing
Download My-Invoices 2.10.8More info about My-Invoices 2.10.8
A Point in Time Thumbnail
A Point in Time 2005
A Point in Time is the Last TimeSheet User Interface You'll Ever Need. Easy to setup. Fun to use. Affordable to any size company or individual. Focusing on the end user interface and ease of use.
Download A Point in Time 2005More info about A Point in Time 2005
PbxTools PhoneJournal Thumbnail
PbxTools PhoneJournal 1.6.1006
PbxTools PhoneJournal is a call accounting software designed for small and medium offices that can help reducing the phone bill and give real-time information about outgoing and incoming calls...
Download PbxTools PhoneJournal 1.6.1006More info about PbxTools PhoneJournal 1.6.1006
Print Management - CZ Print Job Tracker Thumbnail
Print Management - CZ Print Job Tracker
CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 is a print management software. It is a powerful centralized print manager and print counter that allows you to count, quota, control and charge printing easily.
Download Print Management - CZ Print Job Tracker info about Print Management - CZ Print Job Tracker
Vertabase Timer Thumbnail
Vertabase Timer 3.3
Fun & Easy Time Tracking tool with record keeping timelog. Track time on projects, clients & tasks. Personalize it. Built in stopwatch with bill rates per task, task notes, fast task entry. Graphs...
Download Vertabase Timer 3.3More info about Vertabase Timer 3.3
CuteHotspot Thumbnail
CuteHotspot 2.4
Charge the customers of your cafe, club, shop, hotel, etc. when they connect their laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices to your access point (Wi-Fi hotspot) and use the Internet to surf the...
Download CuteHotspot 2.4More info about CuteHotspot 2.4
Rapid Email Support Thumbnail
Rapid Email Support 1.0
Rapid Email Support is a software productivity tool designed to save you time by speeding up the time taken to reply to your emails. It does this by using the powerful combination of database,...
Download Rapid Email Support 1.0More info about Rapid Email Support 1.0
iMagic Tour Reservation Thumbnail
iMagic Tour Reservation 1.15
iMagic Tour Reservation - tour reservation software that is affordable and simple to use. iMagic Tour Reservation was developed for the needs of small to medium tour management.
Download iMagic Tour Reservation 1.15More info about iMagic Tour Reservation 1.15
ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software 5.3 Thumbnail
ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software 5.3 5.3
ASIFD is a general purpose hotel & motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, general...
Download ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software 5.3 5.3More info about ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software 5.3 5.3
phulmonty Thumbnail
phulmonty 1.1.3
PHULmonty integrates the following functions to aid in business operations, and CRM: Order Entry Account and payment on account management Order invoices and Account Statements A real...
Download phulmonty 1.1.3More info about phulmonty 1.1.3
InstantSalesTracker Free Edition Thumbnail
InstantSalesTracker Free Edition 2.0
InstantSalesTracker is a reliable and feature-packed database designed to help your business easily manage customers, suppliers, inventory and accounts. Streamline your business processes with this...
Download InstantSalesTracker Free Edition 2.0More info about InstantSalesTracker Free Edition 2.0
DentiMax Dental Software Thumbnail
DentiMax Dental Software 06.04
Amazing dental software program with great practice work flow to help your dental office operate at its best. DentiMax allows you to easily treatment plan, schedule appointments, record perio...
Download DentiMax Dental Software 06.04More info about DentiMax Dental Software 06.04

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