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AntiTracer Thumbnail
AntiTracer 1.3
AntiTracer is a pop-up destroying application that will let you browse the Web without annoying pop-up ads yet still view the ones you want. AntiTracer also eradicates all traces of your past...
Download AntiTracer 1.3More info about AntiTracer 1.3
AWicons Lite Thumbnail
AWicons Lite 9.4.0
Creating high-detail true color alpha-blended icons becomes a hard task unless we use the right tools. AWicons allows creating, editing and managing icons and other small imagery. This is the only...
Download AWicons Lite 9.4.0More info about AWicons Lite 9.4.0
MyWeb Thumbnail
MyWeb 6.5
Without knowing any technical stuff, you can build a desktop Web site on your PC, share files with friends all over the world. Built-in password protection, chatroom... MyWeb is easy for...
Download MyWeb 6.5More info about MyWeb 6.5
AWicons Pro Thumbnail
AWicons Pro 10.3
AWicons Pro is a powerful software package for editing icons and cursors. Supporting high definition, full color and alpha blending, you can easily create professional quality icons. Many special...
Download AWicons Pro 10.3More info about AWicons Pro 10.3
ZipWrangler Thumbnail
ZipWrangler 1.20
ZipWrangler allows you to manage .ZIP, .CAB and .LOK archive files. Compress your own archive files, extract files from downloaded archives; View/launch archive contents; span zips across multiple...
Download ZipWrangler 1.20More info about ZipWrangler 1.20
FileWrangler Thumbnail
FileWrangler 5.30
Complete file management system with multiple file lists. Includes compress or extract ZIP and CAB files, integrated text and html editors, backup, file security, viewer, edit images, patch maker,...
Download FileWrangler 5.30More info about FileWrangler 5.30
Ace IntraSearch Thumbnail
Ace IntraSearch 1.3
Ace IntraSearch is the tool for search of files in your local network as well as on a single computer. You can find any necessary files like multimedia files, Microsoft Office documents and others...
Download Ace IntraSearch 1.3More info about Ace IntraSearch 1.3
MOV Converter Thumbnail
MOV Converter 3.0.0524
Allok MOV Converter is a powerful and splendid tool for MOV to AVI, MOV to MPEG, MOV to WMV, MOV to DVD, MOV to VCD and MOV to SVCD video converter. It supports convert MOV, QT files to DVD-Video...
Download MOV Converter 3.0.0524More info about MOV Converter 3.0.0524
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WinRet 4.7
Using this program you can backup third-party Drivers, System and Program settings, Shortcuts, Outlook Express folders and restore them all at a later time, also this program improves Windows and...
Download WinRet 4.7More info about WinRet 4.7
SoloKeep Thumbnail
SoloKeep 2.0
SoloKeep is a fast and easy to use application that stores all your passwords using encryption and password protection. SoloKeep can keep track of those hard to remember website passwords and other...
Download SoloKeep 2.0More info about SoloKeep 2.0
Outlook Express Database Manager Thumbnail
Outlook Express Database Manager 1.2
Outlok Express Database Converter will parse the DBX files (Outlook Express database files) and save the them into CHM files (Windows-like help files). Powerful search over CHM files is available....
Download Outlook Express Database Manager 1.2More info about Outlook Express Database Manager 1.2
Bee Icons Thumbnail
Bee Icons
Tired of boring icons on your PC? Get Bee Icons, the best icon manager that will return the excitement to desktop by replacing standard icons. One click and you won't even recognize old desktop...
Download Bee Icons info about Bee Icons
IESure! Thumbnail
IESure! 8.1
More Security, Less Garbage, Handy Tools. Make IE pleasant to use. Features include: Hide Identities Cookie Control ActiveX Filter URL Blokcer CDU Blocker Image Collector URL Shortcuts...
Download IESure! 8.1More info about IESure! 8.1
Allok Video Splitter Thumbnail
Allok Video Splitter 2.2.0
Allok Video Splitter a powerful tool to split, cut or trim large AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP or MP4 files into smaller clips in various format.Output format include AVI, MPEG...
Download Allok Video Splitter 2.2.0More info about Allok Video Splitter 2.2.0
Allok Video Joiner Thumbnail
Allok Video Joiner 4.6.0529
Allok Video Joiner is a powerful tool to join or merge multiple AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, FLV files into one large file in various format. You can add an unlimited number...
Download Allok Video Joiner 4.6.0529More info about Allok Video Joiner 4.6.0529
I of the Enemy: RilCerat Thumbnail
I of the Enemy: RilCerat 2.25
I of the Enemy: Ril'Cerat is a totally free, stand alone, science fiction real-time starategy game, that is the first chapter in the "I of the Enemy" saga. The player is a Lokob (luh-kobe) officer...
Download I of the Enemy: RilCerat 2.25More info about I of the Enemy: RilCerat 2.25
ABC Outlook Backup Thumbnail
ABC Outlook Backup 2.10
ABC Outlook Backup is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to backup and restore your Outlook data. It save and restore Personal Folders, Contacts, Personal Address Book, Mail folders, Mail...
Download ABC Outlook Backup 2.10More info about ABC Outlook Backup 2.10
Allok Video to MP4 Converter Thumbnail
Allok Video to MP4 Converter
Allok Video to MP4 Converter is a easiest-to-use video converter software for portable MP4 Player, iPod, PSP, ARCHOS, Plam etc. It is also a powerful MP4 converter with fast conversion speed. And...
Download Allok Video to MP4 Converter info about Allok Video to MP4 Converter
Hangtris Thumbnail
Hangtris 5.1
Tetris game with mirror function, fast move and bombs. 12 levels free! This free version counts 12 levels returning forever. Advantages: more than 40 different shapes of blocks, use a mirror...
Download Hangtris 5.1More info about Hangtris 5.1
Allok AVI MPEG Converter Thumbnail
Allok AVI MPEG Converter 3.2.0807
Allok AVI MPEG Converter is designed to meet all your needs of convert video file between AVI, DivX, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV, ASF formats. All encoders/codec are built-in and any supported...
Download Allok AVI MPEG Converter 3.2.0807More info about Allok AVI MPEG Converter 3.2.0807

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