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UltimaCalc 2.1.413

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Category: Utilities
Publisher / Version: UltimaCalc / 2.1.413
Added / Released: 27 Jun 2006 / 12 Oct 2006
License / Cost: Shareware / 39.95$
File Size / Downloads: 2.8 MB / 24
Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003
UltimaCalc is a scientific and mathematical graphing calculator. It can be always ready for use as it can stay on top of other windows while using minimum screen area. Type a calculation as plain text, evaluate it, maybe edit it and re-calculate, with all calculations recorded to a plain text file. Has a comprehensive help system.
You can define your own functions, variables and constants. Specialised tools run in their own windows, and can save their data for future reference. Such tools can solve triangles, or find the roots of polynomials up to the tenth order, or solve simultaneous linear equations.
As well as the functions you would expect, UltimaCalc includes logarithms to base 2, two-argument inverse tangent, greatest common divisor. Also floor and ceiling functions, absolute value, min, max, extract the fractional part of a number. Calculate the slope of a line given its end points. Even calculate definite integrals. Or define your own functions!
UltimaCalc works to 38 digit precision. The display can be limited to just 8, 12 or 16 digits, and digits grouped for readability. Two 'scientific' view modes show numbers always in exponent format. The 'engineering' mode uses suffixes such as k (kilo) and M (mega). View results in hexadecimal and as ratios.
Calculate the mean, median and standard deviation of a sample and its population.
Plot a scatter chart and linear regression line. Fit a polynomial to data. Analyse the effects of multiple variables on data. Use absolute deviation fit to minimise the distorting effects of outlying values.
Plot functions: Specify starting and ending conditions and how the variables change. Choose axis locations. Combine multiple plots. Save as an image.
Create bar, line, pie charts. Add title, subtitle, labels. Adjust the layout, choose colours and hatching, save as an image.
Work with dates: Find the date of Easter. Calculate future or past dates. Julian day numbers.
UltimaCalc can also do Navigational calculations.

Requirements: Minimal

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Support Languages: English
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