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Organisieren Sie Ihr Wissen und Ihre Projekte auf einfache, schnelle und höchst flexible Weise. Genau gemäß Ihren Bedürfnissen; während der täglichen Arbeit. Strukturieren Sie Ideen, Gedanken, Fragen, Kerninformationen und verbundene Daten im Kontext

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The idea value calculator (IVC) allows the value of an idea to be estimated. The method of calculation is based on the assumption that the value of an idea is equal to the sum of all royalties...
Idea Finder 10 Idea Finder Software Download
It help to find idea. Its can help to check idea before implementation.
Idea crypting module for BestCrypt 7.20 Idea crypting module for BestCrypt Software Download
Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt. The module performs encryption using well-known IDEA algorithm. Works in Bestcrypt Environment in any Windows system.
Idea Magic 5.3.1 Idea Magic Software Download
Idea Magic is based on Roget's 1911 Public Domain Thesaurus, is a fast, intuitive, powerful centralized Thesaurus utility. Improved Compatibility Mode enhances spell checking Microsoft Word,...
Keyword and Idea Manager 1.2 Keyword and Idea Manager Software Download
Keyword and Idea Manager helps you organize your thoughts and ideas quickly. Ease to use interface lets you organize your ideas simply by tapping and dropping.
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Map Suite Desktop Edition is a powerful and feature-rich .NET mapping control that enables C# and VB.NET software developers to build detailed desktop mapping applications. Map Suite Desktop is a...
Idea Tracker 2.10 Idea Tracker Software Download
Idea Tracker offers an effective solution for writers and anyone else wishing to keep track of their ideas, to replace/augment an existing system; fully customizable with multi-database feature,...
Script Styler Suite 1.0.3 Script Styler Suite Software Download
Script Styler Suite - media tools for the creation and production of written work, such as tv, film, theatre, and radio : features includes word processing, character building, budgeting,...
NetSpy 3.0 NetSpy Software Download
With NetSpy you can see what web sites others are accessing from a PC. NetSpy runs invisibly so the user surfing the internet has no idea that big brother is watching them!
Robby 3.0 Robby Software Download
Robby is a dynamic logical game that will amaze you with an unusual idea. You have to help a little robot to collect artifacts and escape from the labirinth.