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sesame allows you to load windows registry hives and discover Windows user account passwords stored in those hives. Password discovery can take a long time - depending on the length of the password and the types of characters used, discovery by trying every combination (brute-force) can take days.

Uniquely, sesame allows the user to inject a password of their own choice directly into the registry hive, thereby avoiding long discovery times as you can logon with a password of your own choice.

The registry hives are stored in files in the windows\system32\config folder. The files we're interested in are the SAM and SYSTEM files. Windows prevents you from reading these files whilst it's running which complicates matters, fortunately there are a few ways around this problem:

* (Try examples) to aid evaluation we've included an example SAM and SYSTEM file with this program. Click 'Import from Registry Hives' and look in the \examples folder.
* (Guaranteed results) remove the hard-disk from your target machine and mount it in a different PC. Use that PC to read off the above files and load them into sesame. Modify them using sesame, 'Apply Changes', and put the files back onto the original hard-disk. Conveniently, some manufacturers supply USB to IDE converters that can simplify this task.
* (Requires local administrator rights) sesame can read the password hashes directly out of the registry. You can then use sesame to force the passwords or inject your own passwords. Then simply 'Apply Changes' to save directly back into the registry.
* We're working on sesame_seed. A linux based boot CD that you can boot your target machine from. You can then use sesame to remotely control the target via a high-speed USB 2.0 link - including file recovery, and password injection/discovery.

Please take time to evaluate the software. You can contact us at [email protected] if you have any queries.

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