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ServiceMill Control is an easy to use ActiveXâ„¢ Control (OCX) that lets you, quickly and easily, turn your application (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.) into a native Windows NT service.
Convert your existing Visual Basic or Delphi application into a service very easily
Run your application securely without the need of a user session
Native Windows NT service support. All Service Manager calls are converted to service Events (Start, Stop, Pause, Shutdown, Control(PrivateCode), etc.)
Thread safe. All calls into your code are made through the process primary thread.
Support for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Simulates Windows NT service manager calls when your program run under these environments.
Implement all necessary methods to Install, Uninstall and Control your services.
Grants required Windows NT privileges to a user account configured to start the service.
Event log support. Your application can report errors and informations to the Windows NT event log.
Very easy to test and debug. Simulate the Windows NT service manager at design time.
Intel and Alpha support (Including Visual Basic for Alpha)

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