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RQ Debugger IDE is programmer editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic programming languages
Main features:
- multiwindow
You can open 32 files and switch to one using "Windows" menu item.
You can switch to last window (with saving cursor's position) using "LastW" menu item.
- named bookmarks
You can set 32 bookmarks in every window (opened file)
You can "Add", "Delete", "Set", "Sort" bookmarks.
You can switch to last bookmark using "LastBM" menu item.
- projects
You can save list of windows and bookmarks as Project.
When RQ Debugger IDE is running, it loads all Windows (and other settings) from last project.
It automatically open last Window and set cursor to saved position.
- step-by-step debugger for Rapid-Q basic
execute while value not equal..
execute to cursor
step-by-step execution
- objects treeView
- include files treeView
- syntax hilighting
- FreeBasic dll compilation
- sub list
- fileManager

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