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QuickCut Launcher provides you instant access to every single one of your shortcuts.

Is your Start Menu slowing you down? Do you find yourself clicking through folder after folder whenever you want to launch an application? You can't really call those little icons 'shortcuts' if they take forever to find, can you? QuickCut Launcher helps you take control of your shortcuts, no matter how many you have. With QuickCut, every single one of your shortcuts is only a moment away.

QuickCut Launcher is MUCH more than a toolbar. QuickCut scours your Start Menu and indexes every single one of your shortcuts. It then sits in your system tray, quietly tucked away until needed. Activate it using its configurable hotkey and it immediately provides you with a simple interface that allows you to quickly locate and launch ANY shortcut.

Using it is as simple as typing in a handful of letters in the shortcut's name and pressing enter. As you type, QuickCut immediately narrows down the list of possible shortcuts. After just a few, QuickCut identifies the shortcut you want and allows you to launch it quickly and easily.

No more having to open endless folders within folders. Say goodbye to that annoying habit the Start Menu has of closing itself just as you find the shortcut you want (you know.. you move the mouse just a little bit the wrong way and POOF!). Clear off those shortcuts on your desktop that were always covered up anyway. QuickCut even helps you find duplicate shortcuts and shortcuts you didn't know you had.

Want a quick, easy way of having hundreds of shortcuts only a click away. Don't go hunting through your Start Menu.... simply call up QuickCut and launch in an instant. It doesn't get any easier!

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