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You will find PASSreCall to be the most intuitive and easy to use program that is available to generate, save, and recall your passwords. Each time you start PASSreCall you will be prompted for your Master Password that will verify your access to the remaining password records.

If you have forgotten your Master Password, then you can request the program to present two Challenge Questions to verify your access. If the correct answers are given in response to the two questions, then PASSreCall will return the Master Password..

The program provides the following information for each password record: Description, Password, UserID, WebSite, and Comments. The program will also automatically update a Date/Time Changed field for each new record. Linkage to the WebSite is automatically
made by clicking on this field in the record.

Password records can be selected from the List by either using the Mouse Left-Click button or by scrolling through the records with the PgUp, PgDn, ArrowUp or ArrowDown keys. As a record is selected, the individual fields for that record will be displayed in a record form
format. Any of the fields can be modified or the selected record can be deleted.

Report Options: PASSreCall allows you to select the included fields and their sequence and width to produce a highly customizable array of reports.

PASSreCall can be configured to operate the way you would like. To view or change your program options, four separate options forms are provided.

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