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orangeNettrace 2007 3.00 Get

Is an easy to use network monitoring tool,
which informs you about your internet traffic and CPU usage.

The screenshot says it all.

We produced a very useful program with an intelligent user interface, which informs you about your:

-Windows Vista x64 / x86 Compatible (all versions)
-Advanced system details for
> Network Adapter (Output Queue Length, Packets Received Errors, Packets Sent/sec, ...)
> Processor (DPC Rate, DPCs Queued/sec, Interrupts/sec, Processor Frequency, ...)
> Memory (% Committed Bytes In Use, Available MBytes, Commit Limit, ...)
-Optimized for 64 Bit (x64) CPU's
Setup file includes both 32 Bit (x86) and 64 Bit (x64) application.
-Completely new graphic engine
(supports Windows XP / Windows Vista)
-Improved Form animations
-Customizable application colors
-Down, -Upload counter reset able
-Display for Averange Down, -Upload speed (reset able)
-Bar-, and Area-View merged into one Display
-Current down-, upload speed, CPU usage
-Scaleable live statistic with additional effects
-Current down-, uploads
-Daily statistic of down-, uploads, traffic, average data
-Monthly statistic of down-, uploads, traffic, average data
-Yearly statistic of down-, uploads, traffic, average data
-Intelligent easy to use user interface (no need for workspace - turns transparent if not active)
-Statistic of any network card
(no matter if you want to trace the internet or any other local network connection)
-Automatic transfer-speed adjustment
-Animated trayicon (displays: current down-, upload speed, CPU usage)
Read more about orangeNettrace 2006 here: http://www.inspiredorange.com/index.php?link=on05

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