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Use MyProfiler to :
Monitor the performance of an instance MySql .
Troubleshoot problems in MySql by capturing events on a production system and replaying them on a test system. This is useful for testing or debugging purposes and allows users to continue using the production system without interference.
Audit and review activity that occurred on an instance of SQL Server. This allows a security administrator to review any of the auditing events, including the success and failure of a login attempt and the success and failure of permissions in accessing statements and objects.
Get a full list of the statements executed on your server and the time of execution. This helps shared hosts to charge the users by usage .
Helps you detect bottlenecks and determine high usage days and hours on your server .
Use the Index tuning wizard to determine the best organization of indexes on your databases .The index tuning wizard allows gives u a recommendation on creating the indexes in your tables .
Tracing :
In the tracing window you will see the events that occur on your server .MyProfiler captures the following events : SQL Queries -Login attempts-Shutdown-Connection terminating
2)Logging :
MyProfiler allows you to log the events that occur on your server to a text file or a MySql table. You can set limitation on the size of the text file or the number of rows of the table to avoid extreme growth .When you choose the logging to a mysql table you can use this workload as an input to the index tuning wizard to analyze the best index structure on your database .
3)Index tuning wizard :
The Index Tuning Wizard allows you to select and create an optimal set of indexes and statistics for a MySql Server database without requiring an expert understanding of the structure of the database, the workload, or the internals of MySQL Server.The wizard will recommend the best mix of indexes for a database.

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