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Medical billing software for the typical medical office. Includes patient billing, CMS 1500 paper and electronic claims, patient scheduling, reporting, and financial analysis tools. Flexible, easy to use, customizable, and affordable.

Mouse and Keyboard-only operation for speedy entry.

Process paper and electronic insurance claims at the same time. Batch and individual claims. Printer configuration for every 1500 item.

Patient statements on plain or pre-printed paper. Customizable to include logos, stylized text, etc.

Patient Recalls and Mailing labels in a large variety of formats.

Scheduling includes: drag ‘n drop selection, multi-day/week/month views, multi-providers/resources, color coding, filtering, etc.

Chart notes in rich text format to include multiple fonts, graphics, audio, etc.

Reporting includes a large selection of reports accumulated from 22 years of customer experience. Color coded groupings, etc. Ink-friendly. Can be saved as PDF, Excel, RTF, Text, or HTML. Dynamic reports allow the user to ‘drill-down’ into the patient (or insurance, etc.) accounts.

Modules customized to fit each stations needs (billing, scheduling, editing, etc.).

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