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The object of KnockBlock is to clear all of the bricks off of the gameboard. Shoot any of the bricks using the mouse to reveal the character that is behind it. If you match the character that is front of the shooter with the one behind the brick, then that brick explodes and dissappears. Match all the characters to clear all the bricks and win the game. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Play...it's much harder than you think.

KnockBlock is a memory match game. You get a quick glimpse of the location of all the characters at the beginning of each game and then it's up to you to find the matching characters and clear all the bricks. If you make a match and that matching character is connected to other similar characters, then you get points for all the matches and clear that entire string of bricks. If you miss the match, then a copy of that character is sent to the chimney on the right side of the gameboard. Remember where those characters are though for future attempts at making a match. If you fill the chimney before clearing all the bricks, the game is over and you will have to try again.

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